Baroque and Neo-Baroque "The Hell of the Beautiful" 3 October 2005 - 8 January 2006 Exhibition of more than 60 artists (video, painting, installation, sculpture, drawing, and photography) taking place in various spaces around the Neo-Baroque city Salamanca. fig.: Julian Rosefeldt "ASYLUM". 2001- 2002. Videoinstallation con 9 DVD. Medidas: variable

In this exhibition "Baroque" is presented as a cultural model transferred into the "Neo-Baroque": complexity, simulation, variation, inconsistency, movement, inversion, metamorphosis ... and the wish to make the reality much more beautiful than it really is are the themes. The stereotypical perception of immigrants in Europe by Julian Rosefeldt is an example for the theatrically Neo-Baroque presentation of a critical statement about our society. ... next>>>