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Musée Galliera
3 April - 8 August 2004
* Open for Inventory

foto: Collection du Musée Galliera
Robe à la française, vers 1750-1760 (dos) Soie. Lampas. Taffetas changeant.
© : Joffre/ Degraces - PMVP

90,000 items of clothing and accessories – a collection covering the period from the 18th century up to the present day. next>>>

This is your first chance ever to look into the Musée Galliera's storerooms and discover treasures usually hidden to the public.

The exhibition is a scaled-down version of the Museum's 4000m2 of storage space: a labyrinth of compactus units, racks and drawers purpose-designed for the size and quantity of the various items and the fabric each is made of.