A HIDDEN PICASSO 14. September - 13. November 2004 guggenheim-bilbao.es Why did Picasso paint Rue de Montmartre over a previous composition that so clearly evokes his Le Moulin de la Galette? This is an exhibition about art behind art: conservation. For example the re-creation of the hidden image, revealed by x-rays, in the colors of Picasso’s palette. Working with the latest computer imaging technology, the Conservator transferred the colors visible through a network of cracks in Rue de Montmartre onto the black-and-white radiograph, patiently and painstakingly re-creating Picasso’s hidden painting, in a color composition which has not been seen since 1900. fig.: Pablo Picasso. Le Moulin de la Galette, autumn, 1900. Oil on canvas 88.2 x 115 cm. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Photo: David Heald more culture>>>