Jewellery of Gerd Rothmann

9th May - 14th July 2002

Gerd Rothmann is one of the leading artistic personalities on the international stage among goldsmiths. His work is to be found in the Neue Sammlung in Munich as well as in the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum for Contemporary Art in Tokyo. After an experimental phase using plastics in the 60s and 70s, he turned in 1978 to body jewellery and the production of body casts. This earned Gerd Rothmann unique fame.

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It is only recently, as part of their interest in art and the body (you can see exhibits in the Forum Gestaltung in the exhibition "Designman - bodies, coverings, surfaces in contemporary design"), that other exponents of applied art have begun to follow his example. The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe has in its possession a large necklace by Gerd Rothmann with elements showing imprints of skin as well as a silver bowl with finger imprints. In 1999 he showed works at the Annual Trade Fair of North German Arts and Crafts.

The retrospective with c. 200 exhibits in honour of the goldsmith's 60th birthday in 2002 begins on 17. 1. 2002 in the Bayrische Kunstgewerbeverein in Munich. The final station in this travelling exhibition will be the Museum for Applied Art in Gent in 2003.