ALICE SCHALEK: the travel photographer and travel journalist
Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna
Dorotheergasse 11, Austria - 1010 Vienna
9.11.99 to 30.1.2000

She makes an appearance in "The Last Days of Mankind": Karl Kraus has created a literary monument to Alice Schalek as the quintessential "perverted amazon". But Alice Schalek was a female pioneer who chose a career in professions then practically closed to women. Schalek, who was born in Vienna in 1874 into the Jewish haute bourgeoisie, was a journalist and a photographer, a war correspondent and a travel writer, a scientific lecturer an an author of literary texts. The exhibition will focus on th stations and central issues of the life of this extraordinary woman. Schalek´s own texts and photographs will present her fascinating and contradictory character , her view of contemporary events and her experiences in many countries around the world. Alice Schalek´s biography permits us a novel glimpse of early 20th century Vienna as well as the inner conflicts of a socially and professionally emancipated woman with a jewish background.

Fig.: © Österr. Staatsarchiv: Alice Schalek im Einsatz als Kriegsberichterstatterin für das k.u.k. Kriegspressequartiert 1915 in Südtirol