Enactments of the Self

24. 10. - 24. 11. 2002

foto: steirischer herbst 2002, Enactments of the Self, Curator: Maia Damianovic, Ward Shelley, "Termites" (The Tunnel), Marseille 2000

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Enactments of the Self highlights a growing tendency and desire in contemporary art to articulate existential issues anew. In a variety of ways, the artists in the project lend visibility to the notion of the existential through exploratory narratives of identity. To encourage new forms of pro active engagement between art and diverse public, Enactments of the Self presents a variety of performances, performative actions and choreographed moments in indoor venues and outdoor locations throughout Graz.
Whether, provocative, seductive, entertaining or funny, the situations, performative actions and events that the artists in Enactments of the Self present, emphasize a more directly and less mediated relation with various life experiences. Whatever political motivation or back drop may be involved, numerous events of our time document an immense collective desire for self-determination and the rights of individuation. Enactments of the Self provides insights into places where the Self and the world can no longer be securely accounted for, but only reinvented.