Expelled from Vienna to a new life in the USA:
Jewish Museum Vienna presents "Lucie & Paul Peter Porges - Style and Humor"

9. june - 5. november 2000
Jewish Museum Vienna

Lucie and Paul Peter Porges, a highly successful artist couple, are the subject of the next exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna. They met as teenagers while escaping from the Nazis, married almost 50 years ago and made their careers in America, Lucie as a fashion designer and Paul Peter as a cartoonist in top magazines such as The New Yorker and the cult comic Mad Magazine. The exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna, entitled "Lucie & Paul Peter Porges - Style and Humor", from 31 May to 17 September 2000, shows selected works by these two artists and chronicles the stages in their lives from working-class districts of Vienna to New York's Upper West Side. next>>>