Australia - Guest in the Giant
1.12.2001 to 28.2.2002

Swarovski Crystal Worlds present a 3 month long winterfestival
Dream-Time-Tracks in australian art and culture


Since last year the Swarovski Crystal Worlds have been successfully presenting crystalline myths, fantasies and fairytales from cultures around the world. Whilst China was the focal point of this festival during winter 2000/01, now visitors and crystal lovers are looking with anticipation through the kaleidoscope of transformation at a new, fascinating world.
In cooperation with the Viennese event agency Hallamasch Artists, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds present the winter festival for winter 2001/02, "Dream-Time-Tracks - Australia - Guest in the Giant" and take their visitors on a unique journey to the oldest surviving civilisation on this earth. The Dream Time of the Aborigines symbolically represents the creative power of their ancestors and continues to be a source of inspiration, and provides an alternative viewpoint for contemporary artists.

Foto: © Bildagentur Buenos Dias