inner space /outer space _ doris stelzer/dis.danse IMAGETANZ, Fr 19.03. and Sa 20.03.2004 Two dancers, one choreographer and one photographer are exploring inner and outer spaces. Inner spaces, like anatomically based skeleton spaces and thoughts are associated with the surroundings. The main topic of the piece is the modification and creation of the outer spaces by the dancing bodies, who take care and take along their inner spaces. The three-dimensional view of the choreographer is faced with the two-dimensional view of the photographer. Body spaces are newly defined by the focus of the camera and new spaces are discovered. Thus, the audience has the possibility to experience both danced body spaces and pictures at the same time. foto: Bettina Frenzel more culture>>>

concept, choreography: Doris Stelzer
dance, choreography: Stephanie Cumming, Andrea Seewald
photography: Bettina Frenzel
light design: Andrea Korosec

Supported by the produktionsbüro tanztheater homunculus.