fall/winter 2002/3

After Eight
Woman-collection 2002
12 outfits

"…what dreams are made off", is linked to the materials, which are treated with different techniques. The transformation of their structure and character is always the centre-point of the work. The techniques are:

"what dreams are made off"

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Original bed-sheets form the 70ies and 80ies with flower-prints are over-dyed in black. A grey shadow covers the bright print, which subtly shines through. The positive image changes into disillusion and overshadowing of dreams.

"something bad turns in something good"

Another treatment is pulling threads out of textile. Black folkloristic fabric with flower-print gets a tuck-optic. A three-dimensional structure and a new material is formed. The traditional quality is changed into a valuable and luxurious one.

"close to the skin"

The whole upper part of the body, shoulders, shoulder blades, knees and the hollow of the knees are reconstructed with textile structures. These details are created by different kinds of tucks and sewing techniques.

Information: Christiane Gruber
A-1070 Vienna, Lerchenfelderstrasse 31/3/12, mobile: +43(0) 699 11709817


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