Dry Clean Show
A fashion fair by Lisa D.
steirischer herbst
19. September - 30. November 2003
From the Preface by Peter Oswald :

Identity processes in a globalised world are also the focus of Lisa D.’s Dry Clean Show to the music of Wolfgang Mitterer; the show tests the receptivity and cleansing power of our splendid world of consumption, at the same time bringing to light what remains in the dark in the current transatlantic dispute: the inequable transfer of added material and spiritual values between the centre and the periphery, between the First and the Third World. The Dry Clean Show is a liturgy and exhibition in one, a trade fair and a mass, at which three fictitious companies vie for ethically impeccable solutions to the all too familiar problems in the countries in which their products are manufactured. With the aid of a fashion show, dance, vocals and music, the show explores how the contradictory wishes and ideals, deficits and interests of the subjects in global capitalism are translated time and again into consumable commodities. next>>>

foto: www.lisad.com, Joachim Gern


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