Sébastien MEUNIER

“Super Héros”
autumn/winter 2002-03 men’s collection


graduated from ESMOD_art director for tv channel

1994 - june : completed Law studies - culture, communication and society
1995 - designed costumes for Bruce Taylor’s “Tribal Futur” and Anne Gervais’ “Voyage de Femmes” ballets at Opéra de Paris
march : MATTEL contest, 1st and 2nd prize for the new Barbie’s look
(commercialized for US market in 96)
1996 - february : WELL contest, 3rd prize lingerie
1997 - june : graduated from Esmod, 1st prize in menswear - Paris
art director for MCM tv channel


contact: jean-luc dupont

foto: wade h. grimbly


I am interested to be part of the FashionDesignDataBase