Ydress? - Aleksandra Paszkowska

Ydress? is a brand designed by aleksandra paszkowska since 4 years


The name of the collection Y-dress? comes from the: Y-shirt

the happy T-shirt!

a "Y" shaped T-shirt with the arms up, that looks particulary happy, and witch became a beginning to number of U-shirts, O-shirts,
I-shirts, X-shirts, C-shirts, dresses and skirts.

Those happy T-shirts look sometimes so geometrique and unusual, that you need a usuge instraction to find out how to wear them! Also architectural blueprints are used as patterns for the T-shirts

foto: gillesrentiers.com, www.ydress.com

contact: presse@2h.net


I am interested to be part of the FashionDesignDataBase