T e s t u - fw2002/3

Leather is bonded with raw-cut loden, denim is lined
with cashmere in a desire for clothes that are as beautiful inside as out. Flannel knit seems to be molded on the bodies. The extraflat, edge-to-edge seaming gains comfort. Pants have the ease of leggings. The singular cut of the pull-overs, sweaters and tops in off-axis knit anticipate the contortions of a choreography. And lets them drape naturally on the bodies in everyday life. Here all is a question of motion, of free motion..

2001 - he creates T e s t u, and presents his first collection in solo and under his name in june at Casabo exhibition.His garments are not thought out in function of the morphology or sex of those to whom they are destined : created for humans however they might be,they adapt themselves to men and women, without denying them their respective identities. On the contrary, inspite of their apparent neutrality, they are conceived in such a way as to permit the body which wears them to exalt its own morphology.

contact: jean-luc dupont, systemed@club-internet.fr

foto: wade h. grimbly


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