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What's after?

There is no other time in the year that people are asking collectively: What's after? By the end of March and through April, the environmental conscience causes several projects around the world that deliver knowledge how to reduce pollution and wastes in the own household, about the protection of the human body (sun, nutrition…), or give advices for urban gardening etc.

The US is celebrating this year the 40th anniversary of Earth Day which was founded on 22 April 1970. The United Nations have celebrated the Earth Day already in March. Several labels are collecting money for projects; such as Aveda, which focuses on clean water.

On 18 April 2010, people around the world will run at the largest worldwide water initiative 'Live Earth Run for Water' six kilometres (many women and kids have to walk that distance to get water) to make aware that a global community can improve access to clean, safe water for millions of people by changing daily behaviour such as wasting material. The map on shows you the nearest run/walk. They will run in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal, Amsterdam, Vienna, Zagreb, Auckland, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, New Delhi, Bermuda, Buenos Aires, Burkina Faso, Mauritius...

fig.: original beginning with the woman in the...

Swimsuit 'Sexy Babe' by p2, SS2010. p2 is the young label by the Austrian underwear producer Palmers. p2 is distributed exclusively at beauty-store chains (!) in Austria and Germany. By looking through the press material of this collection, the pricing is really smart: each piece - triangle bikini, swimsuit, neckholder bikini, beach dress... costs around 20.- Euro.

In March 2010, the company invited to a fashion-talk with the Italian designer Rosanna Ansaloni. Soon, Rosanna Ansaloni and the journalists focused on the body of women. Has the body changed, what has changed, and why has the body changed? Has it something to do with the pollution in our nutrition? Fashionoffice article 'Changes of the female body and design'.

Sunglasses 'Panamerika 1' in coral by Carrera, SS2010.

After Sun Gel by Dado Sens, SS2010. Dado Sens belongs to the natural cosmetic company Annemarie Börlind. Fashionoffice has interviewed the founder Annemarie Lindner: 'A natural cosmetic pioneer who fled from East Germany'.

On 8th April 2010, Dado Sens presented in Vienna a new sun protection line for the ones with allergies, psoriasis, rosacea or acne . In the last years, natural cosmetic producers developed new formulas to gain the required protection levels which are rising with the pollution. The Dado Sens creams are developed on a natural basis furthermore but now, they have included synthetic filters.

White jacket bewelled in gold, coral, blue, grey... from the third H&M Fashion Against AIDS campaign collection. The pieces come into stores from 20 May 2010 on. 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects.

Freewheeler outdoor speaker (lacquered wood, wireless) by NACsound, designed by R. Arad & F. Pellisari, seen at Viteo, SS2010. In April 2010, the outdoor furniture label Viteo, founded by the Austrian architect Wolfgang Pichler, presented new pieces at the exhibition 'Surprising Ingenuity - Austrian Design @ Milano' such as the new sun shades series Excentro in a design by Structurelab. The construction that holds the canvas from the top, has already received an award. The label's name Viteo comes from Latin 'viteus' - 'the vine'. Viteo was chosen by Wolfgang Pichler as a homage to the natural surroundings in the wine region of southern Styria (Austria), where the company is based.

'Grenouille Pour Me' from the Tassel series by George Gina & Lucy, SS2010.

Sport Water for women by Jil Sander, SS2010 (limited edition).

Sportive high-heel by Y-3, FW2010/11.

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