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Short Message 13/3/2010 - Call for entries to a photojournalist competition The French Association des Femmes Journalistes (AFJ) and Canon France are inviting to send photojournalistic projects until 31 May 2010. The Canon/Afj Female Photojournalist Award 2010 is supported by Le Figaro Magazine.

Short Message 13/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Tear Garden' by Berlin based IAMX from the album 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction'. Head of the electronic-dance hypersensitive beat formation is Chris Corner. Some of the tracks make you remember legendary Fad Gadget. For Chris Corner, art has no expiration date. In May 2010, the album will be re-released in a new interpretation in cooperation with Alec Empire, Combichrist and other musicians under the title 'Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK'. IAMX musician Chris Corner says in an interview from Feb 2010 on "The first artist I contacted was Alec Empire. I have been a fan of his work for a long time. His remix for 'I Am Terrified' is, as expected, beautifully difficult and powerful."

Male sport of Native American origin inspires designer
New York designer Michael Bastian, who premieres with the FW2010/11 collection at Gant, was inspired by the team sport lacrosse which is sometimes played on American football fields, even with a ball but with an additional racquet, the lacrosse stick. With this stick, the ball has to be caught, can be carried and has to be shot into the offender's goal...

Short Message 12/3/2010 - Video from the Sonia Rykiel FW2010/11 catwalk in Paris Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink for the official video of the Sonia Rykiel FW2010/11 collection that was presented on 7 March in Paris. The video shows Beth Ditto performing her excitement; she says: "I don't know how to say that in French."

Short Message 11/3/2010 - A fashion designer's dance costumes From 12 to 14 March 2010, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago presents a performance about borders and territories, 'Marchland' by the dance company 'The Seldoms' with visuals by artist Fraser Taylor and costumes from Lara Miller. The performance 'Marchland' was inspired by a video of Taylor that shows drawings made onto the surface and fits perfectly to the concept of Lara Miller's fashion concept which is influenced by Chicago's architectural and cultural landscape. Lara Miller appeared several times at GenArt’s Fresh Faces as well as at Macy’s Designer Shop. The eco-conscious designer states on her website "I see my company as a way to support my community - not only by using organic materials while adhering to a 'green' lifestyle and workspace - but also by manufacturing locally and working to sustain the sewn products industry in Chicago."

Short Message 11/3/2010 - A fashion photographer's music video In March 2010, the video from Paris born in New York living fashion and celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas for the track 'Cascade' from the 5 five song debut release from the British group Deluka premiered on the internet. His work can be seen in fashion magazines like Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated or Vogue. And there is another song - but yet without stylish video - that you shouldn't miss: Ellie Innocenti (some compare her with 'Ladytron') begins 'O.M.F.G' with the words "Oh my god; I start to panic..." And then there is another one: 'Black Cloud' where Ellie sings "There is always a choice..."

Short Message 9/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 70ies punk-rock inspired track 'Echo' by the Austrian band 'Jellybeat' with the bold voice of Katrin Navessi. 'Echo' is the first track from the new album, release on 19th March.

How to act, live slow and keep the speed; Style Guide SS2010
Fashion by BMW, Beatrice Boyle for Browns Focus, Felder Felder and Balenciaga - seen at Browns, beauty by Aveda, lifestyle by Sigg and Vivienne Westwood...

Short Message 9/3/2010 - Art about reading fashion Fashion and fashion magazines are easy to read. This easiness with all the beauties and beautified things can recover the ‘real things’ perfectly. Already in the 70ies fashion magazines came into the focus of scientists and artists; such as US (Brooklyn) born artist Martha Rosler who "deconstructs the messages in Vogue and its advertising. Rosler looks at the institutional slants of the magazine industry and the fashion industry's reliance on sweatshops." The video ‘Martha Rosler Reads Vogue’ from 1982 is exhibited from 12 March to 4 April 2010 in the Grey Area Gallery in Brighton (UK). Details on

Short Message 8/3/2010 - The Styleprofiler.Blog - the new blog is part of the Online Media Academy and gives insight into journalism. The Styleprofiler.Blog is written in German and delivers information about Austrian fashion.

Short Message 8/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip for the beginning of a great week: 'Stylo (ft. Bobby Womack & Mos Def)' by Gorillaz
...from the album 'Plastic Beach'. The album release is today, on Monday the 8th March (US 9 March).

A collection created by a team; Maison Martin Margiela FW2010/11
The 'Wild Femme' appeal of this collection is enhanced by the makeup from Hannah Murray and the M.A.C PRO team. You can imagine that the model is just coming from backstage where she has wildly kissed a man - or a woman. Or has the model just...?

How far can humans go until breaking?
Superhero, Samurai - the idea of proving how far a human being can go until it breaks is visualized by a labyrinth of blocks and protective shells on the armour-a-like pieces of the zazo+brull FW2010/11 collection. The Spanish designers have invited Fashionoffice to the opening of the 'Fragil'-installation...

Short Message 5/3/2010 - A female singer, writer, musician, teacher, producer...
New York based Erica Quitzow is singer, musician, writer... in one person. Recently, an announcement of the new album 'Juice Water' (1st June on Young Love Records) arrived at Fashionoffice. Quitzow's voice is described by All Music Guide with the aggression of Peaches and the melodic richness of the Magnetic Fields. The Quitzow sexy dancefloor-ready pop tours in April and May in Europe. The musician, who teaches additionally music lessons in the afternoon, says in her interview with the Italian about the inspiration for her music and lyrics: "Everywhere, everyday life. A lot of my lyrics are based on conversations with friends, experiences that seem common, a story that feels familiar that I think will feel familiar to a lot of people." The track 'The Cut' on Quitzow's MySpace-site gives a first taste of the new album.

Social media methods of a journalistic survey on art
The vibration of the acid-house rythm that Drury Brennan's words evoke makes this article about avaf's psychodelic art so authentic. The second reason is the social media aspect in the Flaunt Magazine article. There are many ways to make a survey; Brennan's is a very creative one...

The idea of a writer packed into a scent
Since 2009, Fashionoffice has received several announcements from exhibitions and events that spot closer on the American novelist William S. Burroughs and his influence on contemporary art and popular culture. Probably because he used a 'social media-style' to produce art...

Short Message 3/3/2010 - Comic-strip documentary about the beginning of a punk-electronic music partnership The heroes in the story that premiered on 2 March on the blog of are Solex (aka Dutch sample artist and singer Elisabeth Esselink) vs. the punk musicians Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer. The product of the partnership, the album 'Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown!' will come out on 18 May on Bronze Rat Records. The news arrived at Fashionoffice with the comment: "3 pioneers. Meet them in the street after dark. There's gonna be a psychedelic genre-bending knife fight. So don’t forget your scuba fins and get ready to dance! You lucky, lucky bastards you."

Fashionoffice Trendletter: Fashion for females, Females in space
The Fashionoffice Trendletter for 'March 2010 - I' is about an air fashion show where around 200 women from the private, professional, civil and military sector will come with their own plane and land on the runway of le Bourget; the article about Pink Punk Style 2010 is featuring a video with Kylie Minogue riding on a red-velvet bull to the music by 'The Hives', or enjoy the video showing the excellent skater Johnny Weir (he plans to make in fashion) in a performance to Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face'...

The most viewed articles on Web and Mobile; the most viewed/clicked FashionFeeds in February 2010
For this month's Web and Mobile page rank, we have sampled 2 weeks from February to point out once more that we are not summarizing the page impressions since 1996; we are counting the page impressions that occur on the server of Google Analytics from selected dates (15 to 28 Feb 2010). The Fashion Feeds statistics by Feedburner show for February 2010 views and clicks for content that is not on our server any more...

Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, March 2010
The Fashionoffice map, a Google map with interesting fashion points worldwide, is the new social media feature on Fashionoffice. The map can be used on users' websites as well as fashion points from other maps can be imported...

Short Message 26/2/2010 - Scientists, architects, designers, etc. explore the medium scent as a new design territory On 26 March, Parsons will present the one-day symposium 'HEADSPACE: On Scent as Design' together with The Museum of Modern Art in partnership with International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. Leading design thinkers, scientists, artists, architects, perfumers and designers will explore the medium of scent as a new territory for design. The symposium is the pre-roll for the new Master of Fine Arts in Transdisciplinary Design program which will start in fall 2010. The program's concept is to serve as a "laboratory to empower designers to face the complex challenges of today's 24/7, global culture, which are not easily addressed by a single design discipline, through new forms of collaborative, cross-disciplinary practice."

Short Message 26/2/2010 - Humorous music video: 'Honkey Donkey' by the female sample artist Solex Solex aka Dutch sample artist and singer Elisabeth Esselink, she is also called the 'keyboard wizard', collects old sounds and mixes them up. Now, an announcement has reached Fashionoffice that Solex and the punk musicians Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer will release the album 'Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown!' on 18 May. The new album was described with following words: "Imagine if you will, a fisticuffs of funk, garage and soul between Captain Beefheart and Ike & Tina, with a sprinkling of hip-hop courtesy of Mike Ladd. … Throughout, Elisabeth Esselink has ingeniously fattened up a rich tapestry of cool, the perfect canvas for Cristina and Jon, who pepper-spray it with personalized lunacy whilst shrugging off the wannabes scrambling for their plinth."

Female air fashion
A fashion show with the uniforms of the flight personnel will remember the most beautiful collaborations between fashion designers and airline companies as well as the times that women had no chance to navigate airplanes but to serve the passengers. Many companies haven't allowed women to work as a pilot...

Short Message 26/2/2010 - Video from Vienna's music scene Since the last months, Anna F. is a favorite of Austrian broadcasting channels and radios for her good looking and her exceptional voice. Puma has selected her for the FW2009/10 campaign showing her as a fitness-amazone lifting weights and in a Taekwondo-fight. Now, on 20 Feb she has released her album "...for real" with a party in Vienna.

Short Message 25/2/2010 - How things are finding their order The video shows the sculptured drawings of William Kentridge (born 1955 in Johannesburg, where he still lives) with the title 'Return'. The sculpture-drawings have on the first sight no structure - until they are finding their order in the movement. Movement is the center theme of Kentridge's work, which is developed from his impressions of apartheid in South Africa. The video 'Return' had its debut on the fire screen of Teatro La Fenice opera house in Venice, Italy. On occasion of the exhibition 'Tapestries' by William Kentridge in 2007/8 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, curator Carlos Basualdo said: "He uses the language of one medium to talk about another medium, while at the same time dealing with societies that are themselves in a state of transition." At this time, the traveling exhibition 'William Kentridge: Five Themes' is on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, 24 February – 17 May 2010.

Spanish designers on authenticity and love
The Basque fashion designer Ion Fiz is one of the enfants terribles of Spanish fashion. Ion Fiz entitles his collection 'My Way' in respond to Diana Vreeland's approach to perfection which lies in authenticity and in the differentiation to others...

Short Message 25/2/2010 - Vintage samples with broken beats Fashionoffice just received a music tip: Pretty Lights! ‘Pretty Lights’ aka Colorado-based mashup artist of vintage samples with broken beats Derek Vincent Smith is recording albums and releasing them on the internet since 2006. Pretty Lights’ last three albums, 'Taking Up Your Precious Time', 'Filling Up The City Skies', and 'Passing By Behind Your Eyes' have been downloaded over 500.000 times from In spring 2010 he will tour through US. On his website, the musician announces with a video the ‘UK and Europe Tour 2010’; the video is showing the musician himself walking on the streets, working on a laptop... - but the best on the video is the music.

Short Message 25/2/2010 - Fashion video on a sportive dance Benjamin Millepied - what a name for a dancer that makes you think of thousands of feet - from the New York City Ballet is showing in the Y-3 video 'The Third Wave' (released on 23 Feb) not so much his feet, but his trained torso when he is dancing in sportive style together with others, especially Jessica Saund from American Ballet Theatre. Magnus Berger, director of the video and creative director of the biannually printed ‘The Last Magazine’ says about his work on "Everything is shot in 100 frames per second so we could really work with different speeds and be very flexible with the footage. Everybody that was involved was really feeding of each other and Alastair’s (McKimm) styling was very connected to Benjamin’s and the dancers movements..."

Short Message 24/2/2010 - Preview at Jil Sander's fashion The label which is known for its minimalistic elegant fashion - in 1973 founded by the German textile engineer Jil Sander who was soon called the 'Queen of Less', since 2005 under the creative direction of the Belgian designer Raf Simons, has chosen this year a special insight into the label's activities: you can follow on Jil Sander's facebook site the preparations of the show that will be also streamed online on 26 Feb (7:45pm CET).

Customized apparel around people's genetics
Fashionoffice asks the creative heads behind the clothing line 'Identity Apparel': "The third line shows kissing lips. They are in comparison to the two other lines - DNA and fingerprint - visible personal signs and can be changed by cosmetic surgery. Why are you dedicating this line especially to women?"...

Short Message 23/2/2010 - "Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes. Alors on danse…" - dancing to forget the problems - sings the Belgian electronic musician Stromae in 'Alors on Dance'. Stromae was discovered by online-users when he published his streaming ‘Les leçons de Stromae’. ‘Alors on Dance’ is the 8th lesson; available on iTunes. Stromae is writing his melodies, finds the words for the songs, and is also directing his music clips!

Short Message 23/2/2010 - Video premiere in 3D and 2D On 23 Feb at 4PM (London time), Burberry broadcasts the show FW2010/11 from London into 3D screening rooms and onto 2D screens of online users. The 3D-rooms are special designed by Christopher Bailey for these private events. The 3D-parties will be held simultaneous on five places: Paris, New York, Dubai, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Online-viewers can watch the show in 2D on as well as on over 70 global online news, blog, and fashion websites including Sky News, CNN, The Times, and The Daily Beast, all of which can be accessed on the iPhone. Viewers of the 2D stream are invited to comment the show in real time using Facebook and Twitter.

Pink Punk Style
The comfortable hooded sweater is combined with luxurious seductive lingerie, natural cosmetics are no contradiction to elegant fruity perfumes, and the girlish pink internet technology is a welcome contradiction to the boyish blue trousers....

Short Message 20/2/2010 - Skater Johnny Weir will make in fashion One of the top figure skaters worldwide, Johnny Weir becomes now a theme for the fashion world. Recently, he fascinated during the Olympic Games in Vancouver on ice and caused a social media discussion, if he shouldn't have deserved a better than the sixth place. His performance in 2009/10 to Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' is in the meanwhile legendary on YouTube. Now, he got attention from the New York based online magazine Hintmag, which reports that the US athlete will launch his own clothing collection in the near future. On Wikipedia, Johnny Weir, who doesn't speak about his sexuality, is cited: "There are some things I keep sacred. My middle name. Who I sleep with. And what kind of hand moisturizer I use."

Short Message 19/2/2010 - Paris, Texas style in music video The Californian Nicole Simone writes her music by the inspiration of movie scenes sets like a David Lynch-ian smoky nightclub, the classical arrangements of Frederic Chopin, New Orleans funeral processions, and especially the dusty bar music of Tom Waits, who is also top-ranking the friends listing on her Myspace-site before Serge Gainsbourg or Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. In late Jan 2010, Nicole Simone’s first music video 'Melt' was posted on YouTube. It was shot near the Joshua Tree desert as an homage to Wim Wenders 'Paris, Texas' and is inspired by French New Wave directors Jean-Luc Godard and Louis Malle. 'Melt' is the first track of her debut EP which will be released on 9 March.

Short Message 19/2/2010 - Parisians travelled to the heart of Peruvian ethical fashion The French based 'Ethical Fashion Show' organisation was invited as jury member to the presentation of Peruvian ethical fashion at the 'Flashmode' on 13 November 2009 at the Huaca Pucllana Miraflores in Lima, Peru, and published recently a movie about the journey to the fashion presentations online.

Short Message 19/2/2010 - How to seduce a voyeur? On occasion of French lingerie label Aubade’s new website about, a model has performed behind a window curtain 10 days long in Dec 2009 in front of people on the Rue Montorgueil in Paris. On 19 Feb 2010, the new website showing a Louis XV-commode that contains utensils of a voyeur and some tips how to seduce him, was launched.

Short Message 19/2/2010 - Who are The Black Belles? They are playing the guitars like Jack White! Fashionoffice received a music tip: the video directed by Jack White is showing four women with black hats - looking like witches with the faces and figures of models. "What Can I Do?" is the first single by the Nashville-Tennessee group 'The Black Belles'. By searching the web, nobody really knows who the four women are. On several online-sites there is only one consensus: "There's very little information about them anywhere..." Listen closer to the excellent guitar play...

Viennese architect on correlations between old and new
Part of the architect's selection are the erotic fashion accessories made of porcelain in Augarten style by fashion designer Susanne Bisovsky...

Bunker style in Berlin
Angelika Taschen has visited for her new book many stylish spaces like the Swedish countryhouse of French Vogue creative director Fabien Baron or Roberto Cavalli's Milanese apartment. Provocative ideas for interior are one of the author's other target; such as the penthouse on the top of a bunker in Berlin-Mitte, once built by one of Hitler's architects Albert Speer in 1942...

Short Message 18/2/2010 - Are the ‘Men in Pink’ bankers who have an erotique liason with money, or are these Parisian homosexuals singing in a chorus?
“Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth,” are the words by Aldous Huxley (‘Brave New World’, foreword to the 1946 edition) that are accompanying the Mudam Luxembourg exhibition showing works from artists like Marina Abramovic, Edgar Honetschläger, William Kentridge, Raymond Pettibon, to name only a few from approximately 90 artists that open a view on the universe. Curator Enrico Lunghi has selected art works that provide various possible ‘readings’ of the world around us by asking: ‘What image do they show us of our bodies, our land, our towns, our dreams and fears?’ From the French Sylvie Blocher for example is the video work ‘Men in Pink’ from her series ‘Living Pictures’. The ‘Men in Pink’ can be seen from different views: are they bankers from Luxembourg who have an erotique liason with money, or are these Parisian homosexuals singing in a chorus?

Space design
How to design a toilet for zero gravity rooms?

Short Message 16/2/2010 - Fashion designers on ''
Graz in Austria is known for cross cultural and collective fashion design projects. Last September 2009, a group of designers has invited artists from Cuba to work together on cross-cultural fashion. In the same month, 15 designers created from the same fabrics individual clothing pieces in one week. Now, in Feb 2010, artists, designers, etc. from Graz joined under the name ‘earth.RE.create’ to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. From 22 – 26 Feb, they are inviting to bring clothes to the ‘Clothes Swapping’ under the motto ‘Swap your designer clothes – get new ones – and save the earth!’.

The Air Mailman
Are these love letter pants promising a high flight?...

Short Message 16/2/2010 - It's the day of the live streamed denim runway shows in New York!
On 16 Feb at 18.45, the raw denim label G-Star streams its fashion show on the internet. G-Star has transformed its website in mash-up style into a live reporting platform with contributions (photos, videos, tweets) from the Raw 2.0 reporters.

Short Message 16/2/2010 - Live runway show from the New York Fashion Week
On 16 Feb, the Italian denim brand Diesel broadcasts live from the runway in New York (17.00 New York time); the music comes from British producer Steve Mackey, known from playing bass in the band 'Pulp', the visuals are created by the French light-designer Thierry Dreyfus. Around the stream, Diesel uses Twitter and Facebook to update information from the show and front row with VIPs like photographer Terry Richardson.

What's the trendiest personal style?
Since 2003 Fashionoffice researches the most important trends by asking users online on Styleradar and Beautyradar. During the last field period,
users had the choice to vote for one of 19 variables from 'Classic' to 'Romantic', over 'Mod' or 'Sporty', 'Vintage'...

Map point
- Female experts remap Vienna’s art scene ‘Stars in a Plastic Bag’ is the third edition of the exhibition series ‘Living and working in Vienna’ by the Kunsthalle Wien...

Map point - The technics of Fashionoffice (,,,,,,, is outsourced to a hosting provider in US, Massachusetts.

Short Message 14/2/2010 - Valentine’s music tip: ‘Lovesick’ by Norwegian DJ Lindstrom and singer Christabelle is the funky-electronic-disco down beat track from the new album ‘Real Life is Cool’, released on 19 Jan 2010.

Canadian art on sport ceremonies
The keyfigure of Vancouver's art scene, Brian Jungen links the tradition of the Native American, Dane-zaa Nation with behaviors of professional sports teams and their fans by transforming 'found objects' into Native American art. Already in 1999, Jungen has worked with products from the sportswear industry. The 'Prototype for New Understanding #8', also named the 'Nike mask'...

Yahoo News, 12 Feb 2010: Article about Alexander McQueen by Gregory Katz
Associated Press writers Raphael G. Satter, Danica Kirka and Sylvia Hui in London, Jenny Barchfield in Paris, and Samantha Critchell and Anne D'Innocenzio in New York contributed to the report "British fashion designer McQueen found dead at 40".

Short Message 12/2/2010 - Footballer Zinedine Zidane in a new video for the Yohji Yamamoto collection Y-3 for adidas In 2002, adidas and Yohji Yamamoto have launched Y-3 for men and women; Y stands for Yohji, 3 for the three stripes of adidas. On 11th February 2010, Y-3 released a video for the new collection on occasion of the FIFA 2010 World Cup (11 June - 11 July). The SS2010 pieces are inspired by soccer and the movement of the net after a goal. In the leading role of the video you can see French footballer Zinedine Zidane starring above the roofs with models which are representing the eight soccer federations sponsored by adidas: South Africa, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, France, and Russia.

"Who says that this outfit does not look good when I am inside?"
Store managers wouldn't have advised such an outfit constellation in 2009, but in 2010, the uncommon mix of pieces applies the desired snobby touch to the down-dressing look of a fashionista who has tried already everything and usually strikes back any style-critic...

Short Message 11/2/2010 - User video for the music track 'Never There' by the Sacramento, California, based band Cake. Lead singer John McCrea has directed an original video for the song, but it seems as if he has encouraged some users to publish their own version of the song about long distance and love. Cake's song 'I will survive' is legendary; even the band's original video with John McCrea in the role of a park sheriff hasn't encouraged young directors as much as the 'Never There' one. On one song leads the ranking above all other: 'The Distance' from the album 'Fashion Nugget' from 1996;

New York Fashion Week, 11 - 18 Feb 2010
Since 2008, Fashionoffice asks users to vote for five Fashion Cities (New York, Paris, London, Milano, Tokyo) under the aspects 'artful collections', 'best ready to wear', and 'interesting business partners'. During the last field period May 09 until Jan 2010, New York was the city where the Fashionistas are awaiting the most interesting business partners...

Vincent Laurini in Dirk Bikkembergs jeans
Footballer Vincent Laurini is presenting the football-motorcyle-South Africa inspired Dirk Bikkembergs Jeans collection spring/summer 2010. Vincent Laurini is defender at F.C. Bikkembergs Fossombrone, Italy. On the website of the club, he is characterized with some personal notes such as that Vincent enjoys browsing the internet, that he loves American movies like Gladiator...

Artist who speaks with the signs of fashion
It's up to the viewer to reflect upon the art work of Cosima von Bonin. One possible question from the fashion-point of view: why has the artist set the shopping bag of a couturier like Yves Saint Laurent who has revolutionized modern women's wear in the 60ies and was the first...

Short Message 9/2/2010 - Documentary from a music tour By searching a music video for the track in the rocking style of Jimmy Hendrix/Led Zeppelin 'Robbing Banks (Doin' Time)' by 'The Slew' (Canadian turntablist Kid Koala and guitarist Dynomite D with the rhythm makers Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, both from the Australian band Wolfmother), the 'Go Boom for Los Angeles' video showing the band members Adira, Jessi, and Maresa performing on stage has convinced with its humour! The band has posted several videos from the US/Canada tour from fall 2009. The band continues its tour in May 2010 in Australia.

Short Message 9/2/2010 - RAW City Guide New York Fashionoffice just received the invitation to the G-Star fashion show FW2010/11 on 16 Feb during the New York Fashion Week at the Hammerstein Ballroom. In December 2009, the denim label has invited 2.0 reporters from the social media scene (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube) under the title ‘RAW 2.0’. The winners of the competition will report from the New York Fashion Week (11th to 18th February), from the After Show Party, from behind the scenes, from everywhere around the G-Star Raw Show. Additionally, G-Star handed out a couple of golden tickets to young bloggers Bryan Boy and Jessie Thorpe. G-Star also announced a free iPhone app: the ’RAW City Guide New York’, which will be updated throughout NYFW by RAW Reporters and the app's users.

Fashionoffice Map
The map shows interesting places where people are creating fashion and links to articles about them. New York, Vienna, Paris, London, Berlin...

Short Message 7/2/2010 - ‘My Name is Lion’ by the folk-country-soul Brooklyn band ‘The Morning Pages’ is the first single from the debut album ‘Rising Rain’ which comes out in May 2010. Grant Maxwell’s voice on 'My Name is Lion' makes you think of Neil Young, melodious Antony (from Antony and the Johnsons), and, yes, Zachary Francis Condon from Beirut Band.

Short Message 7/2/2010 - Interactive map at fashion exhibition Fashionoffice received an invitation from the Canadian born, in London based designer Andrew Majtenyi who presents his early 1940s inspired collection with defined shoulders and nipped in waists from 14 to 16 Feb at the next fashion exhibition ‚Pure London’. On the website of Pure London, an interactive floor plan navigates you through the booths.

hort Message 6/2/2010 - Google map point inspired designer Gary Graham for a shirt With his hand silk-screened ‘Google point on search results’-illustration, US designer Gary Graham tells a story about vintage and peace: vintage - because the point stands for where we are and where we are going; peace – because the designer has chosen this destination for the future. The purchase of the Peace-Vintage t-shirt supports designers and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

Short Message 6/2/2010 - Robert Mapplethorpe's images of male bodies Fashionoffice was invited by the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf on 5 Feb to the opening of the exhibition about the controversial work of photographer 'Robert Mapplethorpe' who focuses on male bodies and homosexuality. The exhibition runs from 6 February to 15 August 2010.

Short Message 6/2/2010 - 'These New Puritans'- composers of Hedi Slimane/Dior show-music with new album The British 4 member band 'These New Puritans', composers of 'Navigate, Navigate' for the Hedi Slimane/Dior Homme 2007 show, have released their 2nd album 'Hidden' on 18 January 2010. On their website, they are presenting the video, directed by Daniel Askill, for the first single that was released. The director of the video, Daniel Askill has studied design in Sydney and later at Central Saint Martins in London, has made web design for Alexander McQueen... Video by Daniel Askill.

Iconic products for men's style
By tracking men's style, it becomes obvious that the male interests for sports, techniques, and freedom are represented by iconic products. Some of them are older than 100 years...

The Vienna Secession and a cocktail party in Vienna
Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz: ...I went small talking with Peter into the next room: "A nice idea to install a lamp with play card symbols above a bed. Can I make a picture?"...

Short Message 4/2/2010 - 'The Sun Ain’t Shining No More' by the Danish alternative-pop-dance band 'The Asteroids Galaxy Tour' from the album 'Fruit' (Oct 2009) with vocals by lead singer Mette who "…has an incredible, quirky, unschooled voice that's so strange, compelling and cool…" says producer Lars Iversen. The track premiered already in September 2008, the video was shot in summer 2008 in Copenhagen. In the meanwhile, the song was remixed by several artists like Thomas Gold, Bruce Aisher, or Matthew Dekay. On 3rd Jan, a new, more funky-disco remix by 33Hz debuted on RCRDLBL

Style for a natural beach
The spring months of the year color the European and all other in the same 'season zone' lying (natural) beaches with lively vegetation; the non-natural beaches never change their look. Assumed to go to a natural beach, what has the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry therefore 'on stock' this year?...

Short Message 3/2/2010 -
Vintage collection of music shirts with a hang tag that provides a unique URL to download the music The idea for the music shirts was born in 2009; the shirts are illustrated with the cover on the front, the tracklist on the back, and have a hang tag with a unique URL to download the music. Nielsen SoundScan registers each download which counts as an album sale. The 'Music Tee' launches the 'Vintage Collection 2010' on 3 Feb. Each month new artist titles will be printed on fabrics; the Music Tee starts the new collection with the punk legends Bad Religion, Bad Brains and The Exciter. The shirts are available off- and online: at Saks Fifth Avenue, boutiques in New York, on the musicians' websites, at offline music shops...

Short Message 2/2/2010
- Wearable Technologies Fashionoffice just received an invitation from the sport and lifestyle industry to the Wearable Technologies Show ‘Pimp your Sports’ at the 'ispo 10' from 7 – 10 Feb in Munich/Germany. Announced are communication gloves and video jackets by Texsys; swimsuits and ski with integrated solar modules by Q-mo Solar, wearable image capture devices by GoPro, etc.

Short Message 2/2/2010
- Valentine’s music tip: brand new video 'True Love' by the Australian, now in Paris living musician Micky Green. The video shows her singing in a night club and as 'Bonnie' on the side of her 'Clyde'. The recently released album ‘Honky Tonk’ is already available on the internet. It will come into offline-shops on 15 Feb 2010. The hair products label Sebastian has chosen her for presenting the 'Who's Next?' visionary style best. Micky Green’s personal style icons are "Jane Birkin (in the '70s), Carine Roitfeld, Juliette Lewis". According to, Micky Green has written most of her songs on a notebook.

The Couture of shoe making
Los Angeles based master shoemaker Pasquale Fabrizio is 'tuning' the shoes of Madonna, Angelina Jolie, or Sarah Jessica Parker. Now he presented a Cinderella-like shoe made of handcrafted soles, embellishments of Murano glass and 24-carat gold beading...

The value of handcraft and recycling in Haute Couture
The pressoffice of the Paris based Maison Martin Margiela has sent an extraordinary information for an Haute Couturier: the label makes a statement about human work and the use of 'old' things...

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