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Media information, Jan 2010

The Favicon-Logo gets Blue
The Fashionoffice favicon-logo has new colors on the Mobile Site and the Fashion Feeds.

Since 27th January, the iconic logo of the magazine appears in blue and violet on the Mobile Site and the Fashion Feeds. Recently, Fashionoffice has re-launched the magazine’s look by placing a special icon for the Mobile Site which shows a simple phone with the favicon-logo above 'smiling' keys beside the international common sign for Feeds on the top-left of the layout. At the same time, the weekly email-Trendletter was adjusted for mobile phones.

The favicon-logo in blue and violet 

The favicon, which means 'favorite icon' and appears in the address field of the browser, is presenting the first letter of the magazine's URL ''. For the Mobile Site and the Fashion Feeds, the colors of the iconic logo are reversed by placing the faster color violet into the middle of the sign - instead of yellow, and blue into the background. By setting the typical Fashionoffice-lens, which has the form of a ring with a smaller circle on the right top, over the blue colored favicon, the smaller circle gets a more coquettish appeal. 

The Fashionoffice-lens
Originally, the Fashionoffice-lens was developed for the cover-layout. Here, the graphical frame signifies preview-pictures which are leading to the respective full article. Today, the lens is also included into the magazine's weekly Trendletter. The Fashionoffice-lens invites to a 'closer look' or to 'take a view'.

The optimization of the email-Trendletter for Web and Mobile
Since early 2010, the layout and navigation of the weekly Trendletter by Fashionoffice are adjusted for mobile phones. The graphical appearance is created for the smaller displays of mobile phones and is very transfer-friendly (80-90 KB), although it contains images; additionally the users can choose between 'Web' and 'Mobile' to read the full article in the appropriate layout.

fig.: The favicon in two color combinations and covered by the Fashionoffice-lens.

The design of the icon
The shows a phone with the logo of Fashionoffice on the display. The logo was developed by thinking ‘online’. As the magazine is published exclusively online, this is represented by the favicon (=icon that appears in the address field of the browser) of the main domain of Fashionoffice(.org).

The international common logo for Feeds
Next to the icon, the international common logo for RSS Feeds signalizes the opportunity to receive updates from Fashionoffice. The FashionFeeds provide daily new article headlines and short messages.

The new arranged navigation
The navigation on the left side is neatly arranged. It focuses on the main interest of users which is compiled constantly. Fashionoffice restores its editorial capacity for selected themes such as ‘film’ to get more time to research and write for channels like ‘music’; this editorial strategy is reflected by the navigation. The navigation is easy to handle for users. The inspiring idea was to think ‘web’ in the basic way how communication is enabled online: common scripted hyperlinks are leading from one channel to another; as soon as a wanted channel is reached, the selected hyperlink changes into a bold font face.
The navigation is designed on basis of statistical data
The decision to reduce the navigation by archiving directories is deduced from the data which are delivered from the web analytics solution Google Analytics. Fashionoffice has installed the Google Analytics scripts on the pages of its websites (,,… etc.) to get statistical information about the magazine’s traffic and the user interest on editorial articles.

Most viewed articles in 2009
The statistics for the most viewed articles in 2009 show that above all, especially young talents are requested. The students from the Academy of Art University San Francisco are getting more requests than the labels Chanel, Triumph International, and Calvin Klein in the 10 first top-ranking positions in sum. In the special channel 'film' for example not one of the most recent articles has reached the top-40-ranking. The statistics about traffic and user interests contributed the ideas for the new layout and its navigation which are not created to channel a desire but under the premise to supply a want.

The top-40 ranking of the ‘Most viewed articles 2009’ is published online.

Get more information about the founders of Fashionoffice and the magazine’s history.

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