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spring/summer 2010

On earth, water, and in the air

Combining three elements in one outfit:

The earthy impression of the boxer short comes from the European Alps' traditional clothing which is inspired by the nurturing earth and is decorated with the horns of the deer.

Water is represented by the pants, which are designed for the fastest sailing regatta of the world.

The aerial style of the shirt is evoked by the 'Nose Art'-illustration which can be usually found on airplanes.

fig.: original beginning with the man in...

'Just Mountainous' cotton-boxer by the Austrian label 'Tu Felix Austria', seen in SS2010. Photo: Julian Laidig. In 2008, Tu Felix Austria was founded by Stefan Lang who is also the designer of the shirts, underwear, sportswear, home accessories, etc. He is inspired by the hunting culture of the Central European Alps. The idea of the underwear on this page was to create something that looks like Tracht-leather pants and appear when the pants are taken off.

Shirt by Alpha Industries for Breitling, SS2010. In March 2010, the US label Alpha Industries (specialist for flight jackets) has announced the 'Friends Collection' of a shirt (on this page) and a brown B-10 Flight-Jacket in vintage style designed for the Swiss watchmaker Breitling and exclusively available at shops where Breitling sells its watches.

The illustrations on the shirts are following the tradition of 'Nose Art'. German and Italian pilots started to use graffitis on the noses of the airplanes to make visible who are friends or fiends. Later, 'Nose Art' became standard at civilian airlines; especially on the tail of the airplane.

Pants from the 'America’s Cup' collection for living on deck of a racing boat by Peak Performance, (limited edition) SS2010. Peak Performance was the official outfitter of the 33rd America’s Cup. The sailing regatta (since 1851) happened this year in February in Spain; the name 'America's Cup' comes from the name of the fastest boat in 1851 and not from a country. The next America's Cup (34th) venue is probably in 2013 in San Francisco and San Diego, California, Newport, RI, or Valencia, Spain.

Shampoo Light from the unisex collection by Sebastian Professional, SS2010.

DKNY Men Eau de Cologne, summer 2010 (limited edition). The light scent is created for summer days in global cities. The design of the bottle is inspired by the Flat Iron Building in New York. The grey glass remembers the black and white photography of former times. On the packaging, you can see an aerial photo of Uptown New York showing the Empire State Building.

Yuta travel bags by Napapijri, seen in SS2010. The collection shows three bags: the small one is designed for the city-trip or any other expedition, the shoulder bag is for short trips or can be used as hand luggage, and the big one is adviced for a circumnavigation of the world. (Maybe one big bag is enough for male world-travelers.)

Bracelet from the unisex 'Skull' collection by the Italian designer Manuel Bozzi, seen in SS2010.

Atlantic sandals by Timberland, SS2010.

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