fall/winter 2011/12

The butterfly is the symbol for the creation of life

Hongkong based designer Ika Butoni presents her 'Butterfly Momma' FW2011/12 collection with two videos online.

The Indonesia born Ika Butoni publishes the two videos under the same title online. The one embed on this page shows the ready to wear collection of 'Butterfly Momma'. While the other video points out where the designer has found the inspiration for her work.

Ika Butoni re-interprets the folkloristic clothing of the Miao People (linguistic group, especially located in South West China) who use the rich weavings, embroideries, batik-colorings as carriers for history and emotions. Especially the very extravagant headwear that consists of hair wrapped around animal long-horns is spectacular in the inspirational video.

fig. original: 'Butterfly Momma' FW2011/12 by Ika Butoni. Photo: (C) Raymond YH Chan.

Catwalk video: The collection 'Butterfly Momma' FW2011/12 by Ika Butoni centers around the traditional symbol of the butterfly which stands in the culture of the Miao People for the creation of life.

Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.confashion.com/fw2011/ikabutoni3-2011.htm.

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