Nicola Costantino
5 March – 15 May 2011
Hubertus Exhibitions in Zurich, Migros Museum for Contemporary Art (CH)
in collaboration with Daros Latinamerica Collection

For this art & fashion you will need good nerves!

From 5 March to 15 May 2011, Hubertus Exhibitions in Zurich will present multimedia-artist Nicola Costantino's photographs, objects, installations from the 1990s until today. Costantino (born 1964, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina) explores the nature of humans and animals with focus on alienated bodies such as humans who are transforming their bodies through liposuction or animals which are caged by humans into small boxes. Nicola Costantino has created even a fashion collection where she uses instead of animal skin a material that looks like human skin with nipples.

On her website, where the artist gives insight into her work with texts, photographs and videos, the navigation icon is a pig that is hanging very poorly from an industrial machinery. Some of the images are not for bad nerves like a pig that is eating a hen, a hen in a plastic bag, boxes where horses and cows are transported, and in the category 'Human Furriery', the artist presents her collection of shoes, bags, and dresses made of a skin alike material with human nipples

Video: 'Savon de Corps' by Nicola Costantino (2004) - The milk-caramel scented soap is made of the artist's own body fat and was released in an edition of 100 pieces together with an advertising alike photo-installation showing Nicola Costantino luxuriously in a pool with the headline "Prends ton bain avec moi", translated from French "Take your bath with me".

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