Kiehl's & Pharrell Williams & Bionic Yarn
spring/summer 2011

Hip-hop musician in beauty

In March 2011, beauty label Kiehl's presented for Earth Day 2011 (22 April) together with Grammy awarded hip-hop musician/producer (The Neptunes) and lead vocalist of N.E.R.D. Pharrell Williams the new collaborative eco-friendly shopping bag.

fig. original: Eco-Tote 2011 (comes out in a limited edition) of Kiehl's 'Recycle and Be Rewarded' program (Kiehl's takes empty bottles back and recycles them) in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, who has designed the bag on occasion of Earth Day 2011 (22 April). The typical Kiehl's bottles on the bag remember to recycle material after usage. The fabric of the bag itself is made from an eco-friendly material (Bionic Yarn - recycled plastic bottles mixed with other fibers) that was developed in the New York based company 'Returns Textiles' which is co-owned by Pharrell Williams.

fig. original: Pharrell Williams. Photo: Jam Sutton.

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