VIENNA INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz on 25 March 2011
Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.).

Beauty circus

Each year in spring, the beauty industry surprises with new fragrances. But how presenting them to journalists? Some are sending each scent together with press material; others are inviting beauty experts to a nice place like the new hotel 25hours 'The Circus' in Vienna (photo below), where I was this week one of the journalists who were introduced to the scents, the ideas of the perfumers and designers behind the flacons, packaging, and campaigns.

The perfume with the highest impact:

fig. original: Everybody was absolutely fascinated by 'Incense Oud' (unisex) from the 'Arabian Nights' collection by Kilian; it is a layered scent and many associations awakened on that day - probably reinforced by the modern-vintage environment of the 'Circus'-suite in the 25hours Hotel. The beauty experts were inspired to ideas that it remembers a vintage closet (amber), another one said it makes him think of a French boudoir (rose, musk), and almost everybody had a 'celestial' impression which comes from the incense ingredient; oud (an aromatic resin from a tree) kept us on earth.

I have tested it later
on a non-beauty-expert who isn't either a perfume lover; he likes it!

fig. original: Ringmaster Suite at the 25hours Hotel Vienna. The hotel opened the suites and bars in the last three floors in March 2011. In fall 2012, standard rooms in the other floors of the house will follow. The 25hours Hotels chain started in Hamburg, followed by 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s, 2009 Budapest and Berlin... to name a few.

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