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August 2008 - II: Spirituality, Rock-Gothic in Fashion, Culture and Film; Catwalk TV

August 2008 - III: Trans-Nationality in Fashion & Culture; Style-Switching in Beauty & Fashion

September 2008 - I: Fashion from and in Cities; Fashion, Beauty, and Music TV

September 2008 -II: Style report Fall/Winter; News from the Web; Music & Fashion TV

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October 2008 - I: Historical Sources for Beauty and Fashion; Design Fairs; Music Tips

August 2008 - I: Fashion for Beijing, Styletrends Survey, Movie Trailer, Music Clips

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Polo Ralph Lauren is official outfitter of the US Olympic Teams
Polo Ralph Lauren recalls in this collection the history of the Olympic Games and translates it into an elegant and contemporary re-interpretation of the 1920s ...



The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor  “It was for the big sword fight with Jet Li where she wears a pleated skirt. I bought a knee-length skirt for myself in Shanghai; I swirled in it, and the way it moved was amazing ...” designer Sanja Hays


Bäumler created the outfits of the German Male Olympic Team On 26th July the German Olympic team has taken off to Beijing; in their luggage the new outfits by the exclusive premium brand Bäumler for the opening ceremony on 08.08.2008 ...



adidas Brand Center opened in Beijing

For the first time adidas offers consumers the creative space "Urban" for exploring and showcasing exciting trends and ideas in art, music and culture, as well as the latest and most innovative …



Felix Vogel, 4th Bucharest Biennale

"… fashion is like all other aesthetical manifestations situated in the public sphere and they are part of what we can call - after French philosopher Jacques Rancière - the 'distribution of the sensible'. ..."

Nike's celebration of the athletic summit in Beijing Nike commemorates 080808 with incorporated octagons as representation of cultures coming together in the name of sports, as well as an homage to the number eight in Chinese tradition ...


"Roll over" from the album "When Robots Go Bad!" by the UK duo Hexstatic
On 9th August 2008 you can enjoy their visual art with dancefloor music at the "roomservice", a telephone party(!) at the Club Planetarium in Vienna …


Lin Tianmiao

The representative of contemporary Chinese art entitles her exhibition at the Long March Space, Beijing, "Mother's!!!". Lin Tianmiao express in her installations the Chinese philosophical principle "yin" ...


Quantum of Solace. The Bond Girls. The new adventure of James Bond leads him to Austria, Italy and South America with two women: the feisty Camille (Olga Kurylenko) and Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton). Olga's stunts ...


St. Trinian's is about a new generation of schoolgirls - and teachers. The classic image of school runs in this chic, rebellious film amok. Before making the film the directors have researched in a number of schools to find an interpretation …



Dick & Jane
Brand Manager Brano Altus describes the Dick & Jane man as a male who is conscious of his masculinity and expresses his personal style - with his behaviour and the fashion he wears. The motto of the Dick & Jane man is "Ready.Any Time" ...

”Jack" from the new album "Weather's coming..." by Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws "I wanted the sound of the album to be dirty enough to represent the quirkiness of those caracteristics, so with …” Phoebe Killdeer


”Stubborn" by elodieO
Electro 60s Nico-esque down-tempo songs about love; the album will be released on 19 August …


Styletrends 2008: age of the fashionoffice users

Since 1st August 2008 each day new data from the Styletrends survey …

STYLETRENDS publisher Karin Sawetz's movie-tip "For this month I choose "Gettaca" for its overall retro-future late 30s vintage ..."


Media Usage 2008: Internet Activity Index (OPA/Nielsen); Media Usage in Germany (ARD/ZDF); Online TV in US (IMMI) Three brand new studies show that the rise of the Internet can be explained by two simple factors: video and better content than ...


Styletrends 2008: subject to speak about
The focus on speaking about "fashion, clothes" is stronger than in the votings before; this could be explained with better working search engines and the growing understanding of the users to find specific information ...


Styletrends 2008: the trendiest inspirations for style Fashionistas have a strong active - interactive - approach to the creation of their own style: top ranked items "Internet", "myself", … are sources which are determined by the user himself and change in the moment he interacts ... STYLETRENDS


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