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2 March 2023

Highlight of the upcoming H&M 'Isla Hennes' Spring 2023 collection: Balloon-sleeved jacket with folk-inspired embroidery in pearly cream on black

Today, H&M presented the new women's collection 'Isla Hennes' Spring 2023, which will be available in two drops, the first from 9th March, the second from 30th March. Like last year's 'Hôtel Hennes' collection, 'Isla Hennes' is a lighthearted expression of lust for life and vacation with some pieces that are suitable for the office, but mainly beach- and party-ready items such as the top with skirt and the balloon-sleeved jacket with folk-inspired embroidery in pearly cream on black for adventurous globetrotters.

With no further details where the fictional 'Isla Hennes' is located, the Spanish word 'isla' for 'island' and the embroidery, which could be reminiscent of a torero jacket or a baroque seafaring coat, position the spirit of the collection on a Spanish island. Diversity is a concept of the collection with colors ranging from natural tones like sand and white to bright green and pink and styles for different occasions. Trying something new, transformation is the slogan behind the range of dresses, tops, jackets, blazers, capes, trousers, bags, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry.

"At H&M, we see identity as a spectrum of possibilities. We hope this collection encourages our customers to travel through different aesthetics and that they're as inspired by the elevated and eclectic pieces as we are," is Eliana Masgalos, Concept Designer, cited in the press release.

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