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13 March 2022

Help transports for Ukraine from the streets to the railway: Truck route for the aid project by Ewa Herzog X Marina Hoermanseder is continued on the tracks of Deutsche Bahn

At the end of February, German based designer with Ukrainian roots Ewa Herzog and Austrian in Berlin based designer Marina Hoermanseder teamed up for the aid initiative together with Ukrainian truck drivers who brought goods for the Ukrainian population from Germany and Austria to cities like Kiev, Lviv, Lutsk or Kharkiv. According to the latest media release, around 600 tons of goods like medicines for hospitals, warm clothing, hygiene items and food were delivered in the last weeks. In Vienna, the charity organization 'Malteser Austria' sorted and loaded on two days on the 5th and 6th March with around 50 volunteers a truck with around 14 tons relief supplies for the transport to Lemberg in the west of the Ukraine (Malteser Facebook post). German daily news publications reported from the initiative like Der Tagesspiegel with additional information about other aid projects from the fashion business referencing the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week (starts on 14 March) where according to the article proceeds from drinks, ribbons and donations are planned to go to aid organizations.

The Ewa Herzog X Marina Hoermanseder project has in the meanwhile moved from the streets to the tracks of the Deutsche Bahn which is organizing under the title 'Schienenbrücke' the street and railway traffic for the transport of the relief supplies. Recently, the Deutsche Bahn released information for refugees from Ukraine about entering the Schengen Area together with a map showing the rail routes (map embedded on this page).

Image: The picture shows Marina Hoermanseder (left) and Ewa Herzog (right) together with truck drivers at the meeting point at AVUS - Germany's oldest racetrack and forerunner of highways - in Berlin where 25 trucks left for Ukraine in 10 days since 28 February 2022. Since 11 March, the truck and railyway transport of relief supplies is coordinated by Deutsche Bahn.

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