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12 March 2024

Thoughts on a fundraising t-shirt by publisher Karin Sawetz

Today, publisher Karin Sawetz thought about a new fundraising campaign for the magazine and came up with the idea to print a QR code on t-shirts for donations via PayPal. What do you think about it?

Running a magazine like is expensive. Recently, the podcast 'Trend News by' with AI voices increased the monthly costs. Some would say that this financial outlay is peanuts - and that's true. But the peanuts of the various expenses the magazine causes sum up. Since 1996, has been navigating through the telecommunications and provider offerings to ensure the delivery of journalistic content even when the technicians have their own ideas about where there may be a problem with functions not working or about robots.txt files that potentially prevent monetization. It's a stress test because there's nothing you can do if a technical provider says no or closes a feature. Fortunately, these problems are less common than they were in the 90s. And then there's the classic sail around the cliffs with copyright hunters waiting to collect fees where there are no fees, not to mention the cost of time spent reviewing terms and conditions to avoid falling into a trap or the fact-checking of names, dates, circumstances, plausibility - the truth of the information - before writing an article.

Back to the t-shirt and the print. The question that put an end to Karin Sawetz's dream of raising money with a t-shirt: "Who should wear the shirt?"

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