Ira Schneider Mysteries in Reality Hannah Höch Prize 2006 4 Nov – 17 Dec 2006 Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

Ira Schneider (born 1939 in Manhattan, living in Berlin since the 1990s) was one of the first video artists world-wide. He revolutionized art through media in the 70ies. Now, the video pioneer, co-founder and publisher of the journal Radical Software (the most important voice of the US video community in the 1970s) and co-author of the first standard work on the new media: Video Art. An Anthology is honored with the Hannah Höch Prize of the Berlin Ministry of Science, Research and Culture and the exhibition at the NBK – New Berlin Art Association.

"It was a period marked in America by a decline in print readership and the ascendancy of television. Americans received the bulk of their news from three sources, the television networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC, giant corporate entities, differing from each other only in nuance, effectively manipulating the flow of information upon which Americans based their opinions. .... " Davidson Gigliotti, Early Videoworks by Ira Schneider and the Magazine Radical Software next>>>

fig.: Ira Schneider: A weekend at the Beach (with Jean Luc Godard), 1978/84 (video stills)