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TV> interview with Hans Hollein and Lois Renner

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Hans Hollein
‘Landscape is the most important thing to me.’

Lois Renner
'I prefer to be a prince of painting rather than a lord of photography.'

Both artists are masters of scale and use it to manipulate dominant assumptions. Hollein, however, addresses the human scale of the street or the staircase and then disrupts it with his interventions causing a new set of possibilities within the safety of existing knowledge. Lois Renner, on the other hand, draws the viewer into his interior world which is fundamentally disrupted in perspective and scale. While we might seek the same rewards from painting and decoration today as in the 16th century, Renner asserts himself as a thoroughly contemporary artist acknowledging and emphasising the distance between his own work and Tiepolo’s in the next room of the Palazzo Zenobio. TV> interview with Hans Hollein and Lois Renner

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foto: www.absolut.com, Hans Hollein, Lois Renner