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Oleg Kulik
Born in Kiev in 1961 and now living in Moscow, Kulik came to international attention with performances including ‘I Bite America & America Bites Me’ in which he spent two weeks caged in the Deitch Gallery, New York, pretending to be a dog. His animal mutant and zoophilic performances of the nineties
established him as Russia’s foremost artist anti-hero and were created in response to the social, economic and political flux which gripped his country for most of the nineties. Many Russians see his work as a mirror of their times. As their lives have changed, so has the nature of Kulik’s most recent work. His photographic exhibition, ‘Dead Monkeys’, did not involve the artist on his hands and knees, biting the visitors. next>>>

Why Oleg Kulik chose The Blue Noses:
‘The Blue Noses is the most interesting current art phenomenon in the post-Soviet Union. This nonserious form of art addresses very serious subjects.’

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foto: www.absolut.com, Oleg Kulik