ELFENKLEID shop opening: 3.10. 19.00 Margaretenstraße 39/3+4, 1040 Vienna, Austria

shop/creative space for socialisation in an old cloister

2001: winner of the Pierre Lang Fashion Award

2004: winner of the RG-Award

interview in german>>>

When was the Elfenkleid label set up?
Autumn 2000.

Why did you choose the name “Elfenkleid“? Did you want it to be associated with morning dew, meadows and dancing fairies?
Elfenkleid... is a play on words, whose purpose is to attract attention and excite curiosity. Of course the first thing one thinks of is morning dew, meadows and women dancing in floaty dresses, and that does not bother us. What matters much more to us is that our collections are always based on specific themes that usually have very little in common with elves or fairy tales. but which nevertheless contain a certain element of theatricality and which excite the imagination. The designs are thus not perforce “elven”, and so perhaps many people are surprised when they see our clothes. At any rate, the name Elfenkleid sticks in the mind.

foto: rafaela pröll, www.elfenkleid.com


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