Silke Wilhelm

Collection “funky pope”: With the “funky pope” collection, she would like to dispel some of the mytsticism and infallibility of the head of the Catholic church , making him tangible, touchable and wearable. Commensurate with the current zeitgeist, he gets an outfit that “grooves”. Lush brocades, silks and laces meet shimmering fur and printed jeans or jearsey with motifs from the hip-hop graffiti scene.


Silke Wilhelm completed her design degree at the Akademie JAK in Hamburg in April 2002, at the age of 28. Early on, she sensed the creative urge inside her that was yearning to be unleashed. This is possible with painting, music or acting. For Silke, fashion integrates all of these elements. After high school, she lived for one year in London. Back to Germany she began studying English, Spanish and German literature. She helped pay for her schooling by working as a local journalist, and then as a stylist for different german broadcast programs as BRAVO TV and PEEP!.

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