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June 2009

How often does it happen that somebody thinks he knows you better? Have you ever asked yourself how he is making this?

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself!

Especially by reading printed women's magazines it becomes obvious that editors are the executors of a constructed public opinion about females which differs mostly from reality. Alongside to In- and Out-lists with advices what to do and the seasonal big don'ts you will find semi-academic writings about womanhood. In these well-meant articles women argue honestly where the positive and negative sides of being female are lying and how women can 'upgrade' themselves for being more successful. Not to mention the permanent presentation of fictitiously preferred role models such as photo starlets or (divorced) wives of rich and famous husbands which shall serve as (dis-)orientation for today's women.

Does the internet mirror the truth?

Now, if you are looking online, women are not so active in making opinion like men. Added to that, fewer women are technicians and therefore not so strong involved in 'tricking' the web; assumed that females would ever pervert the truth in the same scale like men.

Today you can trick the internet for mirroring the reality in your favor. Internet professionals are aware of this fact: if you are watching keywords which are published by services like you will find out that the results have to be analyzed before they can be taken for granted. Check out the statistics of Fashionoffice with the latest Alexa data from 30 May 2009.

New technologies

In May, the new technologies which are working also with keywords have been Fashionoffice Insight's theme. For all the ones who haven't already read about Fashionoffice's updated Terms of Use, find the details on

Create the content by defining the meaning of keywords!
The Chinese artist Xu Tan invites to the 'Keywords School' at La Biennale di Venezia

Make your opinion
On and we are publishing the Fashionoffice opinion tools. Please vote! In some European countries women earn around 20 to 25% less money than men and have to pay for the same services higher prices. Vote for same prices for women and men

Brand new is the 'Get Answers Gadget' on Fashionoffice. Do you think that current fashion trends can be discussed?

Images of women
The gallery of the Austrian province Burgenland invites from 18 to 19 June to an exhibition entitled 'Frauenbilder' (translated 'Images of Women'). At this time Fashionoffice is working on an article about the event, especially the lecture of Doris Guth about "True Love. Love in Lifestyle-Media"

Watch the video 'You Know Me Better' by the Irish singer/songwriter/producer Róisín Murphy from the electronic dance, pop album 'Overprowered' (Oct 2007) Some of the lyrics are dark. On this video Róisín Murphy performs at West Piazza, Covent Garden

The album 'Overpowered' received a nomination for the Choice Music Prize in the Republic of Ireland. Check out the official music video 'You know me better'
Her cover-song 'Slave to Love' by Bryan Ferry was taken for the Gucci Homme commercial starring actor James Franco in 2008

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