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Styles don't go out of fashion; they become new interpreted by designers. You could even say that classical styles are the content of fashion.

Nowadays, the early 20th century and especially the 1930/40s styles are once again a theme of creative heads.

Video: 'Happyland' by Swedish singer Amanda Jenssen in Nina Simone (the American singer and civil rights activist with the androgynous timbre is a Soul Queen), Edith Piaf (the French iconic singer who was active in the Resistance during World War II) style on Tom Waits a-like broken beats in the scenery of a smoky bar. The track is from her second album 'Happyland', released in October 2009. In early May 2010, the international version of Amanda Jenssen's album 'Happyland' will be released. The album contains new interpretations of some of her tracks from her debut album 'Killing My Darlings'.

fig.: original beginning with the model in the...

Bikini in Pin Up style with white dots on black by Agent Provocateur, SS2010. During World War II, the photographs and sketches of women in lingerie became favorite collection pieces of soldiers. The pictures of the Pin Ups had been pinned on the wall to compensate the cruelities of war.

White shirt and hand warmers in mid-grey from the collection 'The First Peal' in Londoner dandy-style by the men's wear label A.Hallucination London, FW2010/11. Photo: Jun-Ho Lee.

The hand warmers on this page are inspired by the 'Gherkin', a skyscraper in London built by architect Norman Foster, which shows a similar 'quilting'.

The whole collection gets its inspiration from Londoner attractions such as the London Eye, the observation wheel, or Big Ben, a bell in a clock tower. The idea is to combine contemporary and classical constructions.

The designers Hwan-Sung Park and Chung-Chung Lee (graduates of Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design, worked already for Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Ozwald Boateng and Lie Sang Bong Paris) launched the first A.Hallucination London collection (FW2010/11) during London Fashion Week from 23 February to 9 March 2010 with an exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre near Trafalgar Square.

Curly hairstyle by Michael Danler, SS2010. In April 2010, the Viennese coiffeur Michael Danler presented care- and styling-tips for hair that is stressed by the cold winter days. On the photos, Michael Danler shows some current hair creations in former day styles. One of Michael Danler's tips is dedicated to the psyche: change the look of the hairs two times a year for more fun in life!

Panama strawhat in dandy style by Capo, SS2010. The Austrian label Capo works for this collection together with Fine Arts Panama. The hat has its name from the Panama canal, which was built around 1900. The workers protected their heads with the traditional strawhat. When US president Roosevelt visited the workers in 1906, he has worn one of these hats. The photograph of his style went around the world and the 'Panama hat' was born.

White bike for women in early 20th century look by Bowery Lane Bicycles, SS2010. In April 2010, New York based Bowery Lane Bicycles launched the white antique bike with details like sustainable cork handles or a wooden carriage box. The bikes are designed for women so that there is no need to change clothes like skirts or dresses because of cycling through the city.

Since 2008, Bowery Lane Bicycles delivers handcrafted bikes (made by a family owned company that makes bicycles since the 1800s) with focus on environmetal friendly materials and manufacturing: "The American steel we use is forged in a factory that derives 30% of its power from solar panels," says co-founder Sean Naughton.

The company has a nice badge on their bicycles that is inspired by the New York flag, but shows instead of the symbols for the abstract concepts 'Liberty' and 'Justice', two men - one man in a Northern European Puritan 17th century clothing and a Native American, visualize the history of the city, the windmill is a hint to the cycler city Amsterdam (probably even to the origin of the Northern European Puritan) and lots of green and sun stand for environmental friendly bicycles. You can find the badge inspired by the history of the city New York and the catalogue with early 20th century styled photographs showing a man wearing a British (banker) Bowler hat on

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