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Short Message 31/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip for beach impressions: 'Quicksand' by La Roux. Recently, androgynous pop singer Elly Jackson and synthesizer player Ben Langmaid have received Brit Award nominations. The English singer Elly Jackson (aka La Roux) was even nominated at the NME Awards 2010 (founded by the music magazine New Musical Express) in the category 'Worst Dressed'; Lady Gaga received the 1st prize in this category.

Short Message 30/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Elephant Talk' by King Crimson from the album 'Discipline'. Great music from the 80s with critical texts! "Talk. Talk. It's all talk. Too much talk. Small talk. Talk that trash. Expressions. Editorials.... It's all talk. Elephant talk." sings lead guitarist and singer Adrian Belew who has co-written the songs on this album. On the stage of this 80s performance, you can see Robert Fripp (the one with the eyeglasses), co-founder of King Crimson, one of the best guitarists world wide, and pioneer of electronic music (Frippertronics).

Fashionoffice has gone 'Green'; Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, April 2010
In March 2010, Fashionoffice has received the certificate that the data centers in US deliver the content of Fashionoffice with 100% wind energy. But what happens in Vienna, Austria, where the editorial and administrative work of Fashionoffice happens? Is it there 'Green' too?

What, if the 'Low Carbon Culture' won't succeed?
The German Museum for Arts and Crafts and the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg have invited Fashionoffice to the opening of the exhibition 'Klimakapseln' (climate capsules) questioning how we will survive the future by showing around 25 examples of clothing- and living-capsules, which allow living independently from the exterior circumstances...

Short Message 27/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'Like a Hobo' by Charlie Winston from the musician's debut album 'Make Way' (released 2007).
Peter Gabriel has picked 'Like A Hobo' as one of his favorite songs for the music industry festival Midem 2007 in Cannes. In 2008, Paris living Charlie Winston's single 'I'm A Man' was used for a VW Polo advert; an amusing advert where you can see a dog's lips synchronized with Charlie Winston's song. On his Myspace-site, Charlie Winston announces the new track 'Hit The Road' coming out on 5 April. From May to August he tours in France, Germany, Austria...

Short Message 26/3/2010 - Sebastian on Levi's Noise Tour in Europe
US denim label Levi's invites to the 'Colors of Noise Tour' with electro-acts by Sebastian, Jackson, and French Horn Rebellion in Europe: 6 May Zurich, 7 May Vienna, 8 May Hamburg, 13 May Berlin, 14 May Munich. Details on

Fashionoffice has gone 'Green' has now a certificate to be powered by 100% wind energy.

Short Message 26/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip for beach and party feeling: 'Sexy Chick' by David Guetta ft. Akon

Short Message 26/3/2010 - Hintmag's 'We're J'Loving...' fashion video tip
The New York based has published a video tip in the magazine's weekly newsletter showing Yves Sain Laurent spraying his hair. Hintmag asks: "Can anyone guess the year?"

Short Message 25/3/2010 - 'An Officer And A Gentleman' in The NoMad Hotel in New York
The hotel looks in this video like a condemned house - but this seems to be the concept. The hotel has even rooms with spartanic bunk beds and on their website they are offering 'free ramen noodles from the minibar on your first night's stay'! But this is not the main attraction in the video. The designer of the collection and co-founder Anthony Keegan, he has studied tailoring at London College of Fashion and Design at Central St. Martins College, has chosen models like Chad White and Terron Wood to appear in a down-dressed but perfectly tailored 50ies/60ies inspired male style with sportive appeal. Commonwealth Utilities' creative brain and partner of Keegan, co-founder Richard Christiansen has already art directed 4 short films.

Men in vibrating colors!
"Electric is the love" sings Bobby Womack on the track 'Stylo' from Gorillaz' new album 'Plastic Beach' (released in March 2010). The track has inspired Fashionoffice for the 'Male Beach Style'...

Short Message 25/3/2010 - Stylebible for the Life Ball 2010
The Vienna Life Ball, which invites on 17 July again since 1993 to the Vienna city hall, has released a with outfits such as shoes and socks for 'Atlas', a naked man who is bearing the world's weight, or 'Odin's Raven', the ambassador of truth and solidarity in shiny black feathers. This year, the Life Ball is the opening event to 'AIDS 2010'. The 18th annual world-conference by the international AIDS Society will be held from 18 - 23 July in Vienna. The motto of the conference is 'Rights Here, Rights Now'.

Short Message by Lisa Grüner 24/3/2010 - The Vienna city hall hosts the Filmball
On Friday 26 April 2010, the Filmball pays homage to the 'film town Vienna' in the city hall. Austria's capital city Vienna experiences since the 20ies film-celebrity-dust. 'Casablanca' director Michael Curtiz lived and worked here on numerous film productions until the mid 20ies, Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten have played in the movie 'The Third Man' which was filmed in the devastated town in 1949, and until the 60ies, film was a lively business. Now, star-dust flutters again above the city: Stefan Rubinowitz and Christoph Waltz had been recently awarded with the Oscar; Götz Spielmann and Michael Haneke are honored by their Oscar nominations. Maximilian Schell, Christine Neubauer, Nina Proll, Uschi Glas, Christiane Hörbiger, Barbara Wussow, Pierre Brice, Robert Dornhelm,... have already announced to appear on the red carpet; and, not to forget, the ones who bring the glitter of Hollywood to town.

Short Message 24/3/2010 - Asia Fashion Summit at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore
Fashionoffice is invited by the Asia Fashion Summit (AFS) 2010, which will take place from the 28-30 April 2010 in the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore. The conference and exhibition will bring together over 200 industry leaders, experts and innovators of the apparel fashion and textile industry from the Asia Pacific region. The AFS is the region’s premier fashion event, where you can get an insight into Asia’s fast-changing fashion market.

Short Message 24/3/2010 - Sexy Swim Soiree in Florida
Fashionoffice has received an invitation from Kimaje' Kreations to the 'Sexy Swim Soiree' on 27 March at AIZIA in the Diplomat Hotel in Florida where the Kimaje' Kreations designers Tahaji Samona and Karine Melissa will present swimwear inspired by their home islands, the Bahamas and Jamaica. The fashion show has a beneficial aspect too: Kimaje' Kreations is raising money for The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale's EDMC Scholarship Foundation. On the label's website is announced that Kimaje' Kreations will participate in the next Fashion Designers Expo Florida from 14th-15th May.

Short Message 24/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'Driving' by the indie folk label 'Setting Sun' is the first track from the album 'Fantasurreal' (release on 1st June 2010). The plastic figure(s) on cycles are animated by artist Charles Pieper; in the main role, songwriter Gary Levitt. Charles Pieper pays tribute to "90s independent animation, a la MTV’s iconic 'Liquid Television' series". In Queens (New York) born singer and guitarist Gary Levitt (aka Setting Sun) is addicted to film: he has studied film and music during college time. Levitt’s songs have appeared in a number of reality shows and independent films, and most recently, his song 'Morning Song' was used in a commercial for 'The National Parks Foundation'.

She is cycling from one beach to the other, she is thinking of him...
Beach biker in fashion by La Redoute, Peseta for Marc Jacobs; beauty by Juvena, Bioemsan; lifestyle by HP in Vivienne Tam design, Schindelhauer...

Short Message 23/3/2010 - Making of the 'Leçons de Séduction'
The French lingerie label Aubade publishes the making of video, directed by Youri Zakovitch. In the preface of the video, the concept of the photo shoot is explained by sketches and how the ideas get real. Then you can see the photographer of the 'Leçons de Séduction' Michel Perez and the art director of the photo production, Laure Doussaud from Carlin International for Aubade.

Short Message 23/3/2010 - Behind the scenes of the opener's at Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour
The behind the scenes video shows the Brooklyn glam-rock band 'Semi Precious Weapons' during the Monster Ball Tour in UK, and especially the lead singer with the punky voice and glitter style, Justin Tranter. "Vogue described the band as 'unashamedly crass and deliciously animated' (Wikipedia). The band will appear in Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s forthcoming 'Telephone' video. Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour is traveling in March, April in Australia, mid-April they arrive in Japan, the Europe tour starts in May. On the band's website you can find the recently released 3 songs EP and you can get a free track by leaving your email address.

Short Message 22/3/2010 - A fashion shooting in the Hotel Le Palais Rhoul in Marrakech
The Spanish brand XTG with the Canary designer Luis Mentado as the head of the design team, presents the shooting of the new underwear spring/summer 2010 images with a making of on YouTube. The label was inspired for this collection by the colours and the mysterious, fascinating culture of the African country. The team, photographer Ivan Hidalgo and stylist Vicente Soler have chosen Dutch model Nicolle Witte and the Kazakhastan born, now in Germany living Eugen Bauder who worked already for Armani, Dsquared, Hugo Boss or D&G.

Short Message 22/3/2010 - Fashion show at the pool of the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort in St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Andres Aquino, designer and organiser of the Couture Fashion Week in New York (10 - 12 Sept 2010), has sent Fashionoffice the schedule for the next events such as the St. Croix Couture Fashion Show on 7 May. (St. Croix belongs to the Virgin Islands and is right below Puerto Rico.) The fashion show with Andres Aquino's own new collection and performances of local students will be held at the pool of the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort.

The bikini flight-season in Europe begins in mid-April!
Fashionoffice has packed for Nice, Cannes, Palermo, Rimini, Mykonos...

Swimming pool presentation - photo update; catwalk sight by publisher Karin Sawetz
...On the same day, later in the evening, Fashionoffice received professional photos from the swimming pool presentation, which I don't want to hide...

Short Message 20/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'Hey Ho' by the New Zealand born, now in Sydney living singer Gin Wigmore. Recently - on 16 March 2010, her debut album 'Holy Smoke' was released by the same producer who has worked already with Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, or Nelly Furtado. The album was recorded in Hollywood at the legendary Capitol Studios. "It was amazing," says Gin. "We were standing in the amazing Capitol Studios, working in Studio B, sitting on Frank Sinatra’s chair, it was just ridiculous. Aretha Franklin has walked through those hallways."

Short Message 20/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'The Sun Ain't Shining No More' by the Danish alternative-pop-dance band 'The Asteroids Galaxy Tour'. The band is leaded by Mette Lindberg (vocals) and Lars Iversen (bass, keyboards; he composes most of the songs). Since it was founded in 2007, the band grow to six members. Shortly after 'The Asteroids Galaxy Tour' published the first songs, they had great reviews in magazines such as the Rolling Stone, Anthem, NYLON, GOOD.... The song on the video was recently remixed in a more funky version and debuted on RCRDLBL. In March 2010, the band is on tour in US: 20 March Austin, 21 San Diego, 23 Los Angeles, 24 San Francisco...

Short Message 19/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'Happyland', showing the Swedish singer Amanda Jenssen in Nina Simone, Edith Piaf style on Tom Waits a-like broken beats in the scenery of a smoky bar. The track is from her second album 'Happyland', released in October 2009. In March and in the following months, Amanda Jenssen is on tour in Sweden.

"It looks as if they would prefer to run." Catwalk sight by publisher Karin Sawetz
The 18th March was the first sunny and warm day of 2010 in Vienna. The Austrian underwear label Skiny invited to the swimming pool-catwalk show at the Hotel Le Meridien. The show was divided into two parts. A colleague sitting beside me remarked that the male models seem to...

Short Message 18/3/2010 - Fashionoffice is powered by 100% wind energy
Fashionoffice's hosting provider Globat announced that the website and email are powered eco-friendly. Globat's offices and data centers are powered by 100% wind energy.

Let's talk about sunny weather! Bike Style 2010
The weather forecast shows that spring is coming! The temperatures climb by the end of the third week of March in London and Paris to 14°, Athens 17°, Bucharest 17°, Vienna 19°, New York 20°. Spring style with a bike by BMW, fashion by Calida, Pierre Lang, beauty by Clinique...

James Dean inspires a male outfit for spring/summer 2010
Fashionoffice's selection of the first piece happens randomized. There was at the first sight this man, leaning on the wall in a magenta-berry shirt. His body-gesture has the James Dean a-like conflicting appeal...

Art Nouveau, Wiener Werkstätte, Vasarely... and fashion
Fashionoffice has selected artful and trendy pieces from Diesel, Van Cleef & Arpels, House of Boing with makeup from the 'Liberty of London' collection by MAC Cosmetics for a 'Swinging London' Spring Style 2010 and has asked the Viennese designer and former Central Saint Martins student Sandra Bamminger from House of Boing about her work...

Fashionoffice Trendletter: Wild femmes; Literature & fashion
The Fashionoffice Trendletter for 'March 2010 - II' is about 'Speed + Fashion' on occasion of the beginning of the Formula One Grand Prix circuit in Bahrain; about enhancing the 'Wild Femme' appeal by makeup; Superhero, Samurai and the idea of proving how far a human being can go until it breaks and how this is visualized in fashion; a perfumer and the inspiring American novelist William S. Burroughs...

Update for subscribers of the Fashionoffice Trendletter
In March 2010, users with YAHOO addresses don't receive the Trendletter regular. Please subscribe with another address. Already in Dec 2009, Fashionoffice had to except users with, and email accounts due to irregularities in the delivery of the Trendletter to these addresses during the weeks before. The server of etc. denied any information from Trendletter readers ( etc.) had been updated per email to subscribe with another address.

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