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Inspired by Hollywood

While listening to the music of Unkle 'Burn My Shadow', the pieces on this page found together to a mysterious night style.

Video: 'Burn My Shadow' by the British trip-hop/downtempo/electronic formation Unkle, founded by producer and mo’wax Records head James Lavelle. In 2007, Miguel Sapochnik directed the video about a man (Goran Visnjic - the Croatian actor is well-known from the US TV-series 'Emergency Room') with an explosive heart; the video is about a divorce and a man in love. In the same year, Miguel Sapochnik began with the work on 'Repo Men' (Universal Pictures) with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in the main roles. The movie was released on 19 March 2010 in US.

The science-fiction story by Eric Garcia (novel, screenplay together with Garrett Lerner) is about a man who has replaced his heart by an artificial organ; he bought it on credit. If a customer is unable to pay the rates, a repo-man is sent to the customer to get the property of the company back. Jude Law plays Remy, a repo-man who bought an artificial heart and struggles with the payments.

fig.: original beginning with the woman in the...

Black dress by Anna Fuchs, SS2010. US photographer Julian LeBallister captured model Shaina in the Californian desert and in Hollywood. She wears a dress by Hamburg based designer Anna Fuchs who is inspired for the FW2010/11 collection by the 50ies, Edward Hopper, Orson Welles’ 'Touch of Evil', and Francoise Sagan’s 'Le Garde du Coeur'. The story is about a young woman and her journey from the provinces to the big city life of Los Angeles, to fulfill her dream in Hollywood.

Anna Fuchs and LeBallister have worked together already in 2003. After years, both got in touch again on Facebook.

The products of this 're-union' is a magazine-lookbook with the title 'Road to Hollywood' and a video documentation about the special interplay between genres of film/fashion/ photo/style.

Sunglasses 0080s in diva-style by Balenciaga, designed by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, SS2010. The designer has combined the shades on the Balenciaga-catwalk with super-tight leather pants and hoodies.

Beauté Persane bra 'Sublim’Up' made of silicone shell covered in black satiny fabric and tulle, and 'Mini-Coeur' brief by Aubade, SS2010. The line is inspired by Arabian Nights.

Violet manchette with skulls on wings by Nuit N°12, FW2010/11. The Paris based label was founded by the designers Ludivine Machinet and Frédéric Baldo in December 2008.

The label's name Nuit N°12 is reflected in the designs which are inspired by nights that 'know no limit'. 'Active fantasizing' is the designers' call to action.

'Poudre de Voyage' from the Météorites collection by Guerlain, SS2010. The loose powder is designed to be used the whole day through for updating the teint; the title of the product in English is 'Travel Touch'.

Silver ring by Ina Seidl, 2001. Photo: (C) MAK/Georg Mayer.

The Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna exhibits around 70 jewellery-art pieces (fashion, objects) by Ina Seidl from 5 May until 26 October 2010.

The artist (born 1971 in Vienna, living in Linz) is inspired by the city Vienna, the coffee cult in the traditional 'Kaffeehaus', or the cliché of the 'golden Viennese heart'.

But she is also inspired by nature, such as the ring on this page shows. The surface has the structure of a bees nest. She gains this structure through the Cire-perdue-technology, which means as much as 'lost-wax casting'.

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