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Media information, November 2010

Digital media in research, praxis, and education

 ‘With Factor X to Reality’ is the title of the Fashionoffice article about digital marketing/publishing in the Annual Multimedia 2011, release date 7 December 2010
On invitation of the publishers of the Annual Multimedia 2011, Fashionoffice has summarized the studies on un-progressive data online and their influences on the perception of reality.

In the last 15 years, Fashionoffice has continuously done scientific research on the reception and presentation of fashion online: from the FashionAvigator-study in 1995 to the ‘Memorized Data’-hypothesis in 2009 and the monthly collection of data from the user statistics. The ‘Memorized Data’-hypothesis was proved by statistical data which verified the assumption that publishers and advertisers have to calculate the impact of editorial content as well as online-campaigns with a new factor: un-progressive data. The article describes the research project from the beginning in 2006 until the last tests in early 2010. On 7 December 2010, the Annual Multimedia 2011 (Walhalla Fachverlag, Berlin) will be released.

“The ones, who are interested in the construction of reality and opinion building in the era of the internet, will get interesting new perspectives on our 'digital' world. The research project has been realized on all URLs and data sources that are constantly online since 1996 and which are enriched daily with new content; this is really an exceptional and rare object for such a longitudinal analysis. Probably the article will wind up some folks because 'Memorized Data' can have positive and negative effects on publishers and advertisers.” Dr. Karin Sawetz,

Fashionoffice’s reach: 1.1 million impressions per month, 21.287 people, 64.200 visits
Fashionoffice articles are favored by users from France 21.04%, the United States 17.75%, and Germany 10.11%.

The detailed reports about people, visits and impressions are delivered by Quantcast. The digital media measurement company is based in San Francisco and New York and works with data centers around the globe. Quantcast has gained the Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its statistical online traffic measurement technology. The accreditation means that any audience measurement data from the Quantcast site is valid, reliable and effective. By clicking on the Quantcast badge, users will find additionally the IAB-compliant traffic report for Fashionoffice.

On, the dedicated advertising inventory is calculated for the following three months. Campaigns can be booked via Doubleclick Adplanner or Fashionoffice (incl. end reporting, Doubleclick):

  December 2010 January 2011 February 2011
728x90 30,699 25,767 23,454
160x600 27,135 16,650 14,260
120x600 94,108 76,045 69,547
300x250 66,658 54,900 50,652

News and opinion building in an interactive real-time media-democracy!?
The democratic society is navigating with autodidactic neo-journalists to new media domains where social media journalists and big business are interacting – sometimes without knowing who the communicators are in real.

Web 2.0, blogs, social media are phenomena of a digital connected and interactive real-time media reality, which became alive at the same time as users questioned the production of news and opinion building by journalists. Journalists use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the technology of blogs; and blogger publish as quasi-journalists and report from their very personal point of view. To identify the communicator as a blogger, social media expert or journalist is for users in the most cases not relevant - and even not possible. Opinion will be made up in all cases and is distributed with digitally high-speed. Caused by the growing interest on social media, its consequences on new power-structures and transparency of the communication-business between sender and recipient, which are constantly changing their roles, the Online-Media Academy introduces the new lecture ‚Social Media Expert’. Details are published on the learning platform of the Online-Media Academy

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