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Short Message 29/6/2010 - Video from couturiers who have contributed a special creation to a Viennese summer ball
The video shows the FW2010/11 collection by the designer duo Talbot Runhof in Paris. The Munich based designers Johnny Talbot (born in US) and the German Adrian Runhof have created a special scarf for the summer ball 'Fête Impériale' on 10 July in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The ball is a mix of traditional Viennese ball culture with full length, elegant gowns and modern elements like music from 'Cross Over DJs'. The riding school is first mentioned in 1572. "During the 18th century Empress Maria Theresia staged elaborate festivities and celebrations in the Riding School – amongst them the so-called Ladies’ Carrousels," introduces Managing Director Elisabeth Gürtler the Fête Imperiale; details on

Short Message 29/6/2010 - Behind the scene video by Fila
Fila presents its new street- and sportswear (clothing and shoes) SS2011 from 7 to 9 July 2010 at Bread & Butter in Berlin. The label was founded 1911 in Italy; today it operates worldwide. The video shows the shooting at a studio in Los Angeles with yoga instructor Kate Lillecrapp. Apparel chief designer Freya Tamayo explains the inspirations for the yoga collection 2010; the video ends with the words 'the beauty of sport'.

Short Message 29/6/2010 - Workshop on sustainability, climate change, human rights and fashion
'' is the Graz (Austria) headquartered informal network of young creative heads - especially fashion designers. From 3 to 12 August 2010 they are organizing a workshop under the title 'Fashion and you change the world!'. The workshop runs in collaboration with other European countries like Spain or Sweden. Deadline for applications is 10 July. Find details on

Short Message 29/6/2010 - Dance video from a shoe label that is inspired by Hip Hop
Fashionoffice received an invitation from the Australian dance shoe label 'Bloch' to the presentation of the new spring/summer 2011 collection at Bread&Butter (7 to 9 July) in Berlin. Bloch was founded by the Russian shoe maker 'Jacob Bloch'. In the early 1930s he migrated to Sydney (Australia) and fell in love with a 'Prima Ballerina'. His aim was to create the most comfortable dance shoes for her. Today, Bloch is one of the leading dance shoe producers. The label delivers even everyday shoes such as ballet pumps with cushioned sole for the street. On this video you can see the New York dance formation and instructors 'AmountBoyz'. On their website, they announce the next dance workshop on 10 July in Chicago.

Inspiring stone and metal; Women Style 2010 - 2011
Fashionoffice has collected some creative ideas about stone and metallic material: the new collection by Kilian Kerner, the tiles by ceramic producer Villeroy and Boch, the marmorated glasses by Dior, the 'Medusa' bracelets by jewellery designer Daniela De Marchi, and the dressing up of the Viennese restaurant 'at eight' that transforms its look with 'tablewear' each day at a certain time for a sexy evening...

Short Message 28/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'Time Will' by Hercules & Love Affair, vocals from Antony Hegarty (2008)
At this time, Hercules & Love Affair presents the remix of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' on Hercules & Love Affair is on tour: in July in UK, Spain, Croatia, several cities in Germany...

Short Message 27/6/2010 - Free music download and video tip: 'Perfect Stranger' by Ben Ivory
Fashionoffice received an invitation from German designer Kilian Kerner to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin where he will present on 10 July the new SS2011 collection entitled 'Flieg zum Mond und bleib hier', which means as much as 'Fly to the Moon and stay here'. Kilian Kerner is known for arranging music live acts to his catwalk shows; this year, lead singer Ben Ivory from the Berlin rock-electro band SplinterX - who has already introduced in 2009 one of Kilian Kerner's collections, will contribute to the show of ca. 50 outfits the brand new song 'fly to the moon and don’t go away'. You can get a free download of 'Perfect Stranger' - a solo project by Ben Ivory from early 2010, on

Tweets on men's wear 2011
Before the article 'Tweets on men's wear 2011' was written, the latest Twitter posting in the Fashionoffice search widget is from 25 June 2010. It's a tweet from Pinstripemag. The magazine provides news about men's fashion, lifestyle and pop culture. Pinstripemag presents articles about cars, bikes, women we love, models - the last two mentioned categories present sexy soccer fans, football player wives, female pop stars, etc. Pinstripemag has chosen the new collection of John Varvatos to write about. And there is the tweet on Calvin Klein's SS2011: "You better have a six-pack to wear men's summer apparel" - Fashionoffice has searched for the according video...

Realtime Twitter results for 'men's wear 2011'
Fashionoffice has installed a new search on its cover; after we have looked for results to the general themes 'fashion, beauty and art', the magazine is presenting tweets focused on 'men's wear 2011'. There you will find articles like the one from Bruce Pask about his impressions from the days at the Pitti Uomo Florence published on the blog of the NYTimes magazine, or the WWD article about Gucci's new 2011 collection, and a tweet by on the Fashionoffice article 'Men's wear 2011 presented in Africa'. (Twitter results from 24 June)

Short message 24/6/2010 - The iconic hats of football fans in South Africa: Makarapas
Do you know what Makarapas are? In the 70ies, Alfred Baloyi from Johannesburg has developed the first one from a helmet; he created a handcrafted pop-art wearable art piece that became the iconic head gear of football fans in South Africa. On occasion of the FIFA World Cup, the First National Bank has placed two huge 30 meters high Makarapas in front of their building. The video is about the history and shows the two sculptures.

Rock music and dance
The Impulstanz festival opens with the premiere of the performance 'What's the prediction' by the Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus together with the rock musician Mauro Pawlowski on 15 July in Vienna. This opening event is announced to become a 'hot catwalk programme'...

Short Message 23/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'The Fight' by Sia
What does Sia wear on the stage? Is this a bee's costume? The video was made by a YouTube user of audience footage from Sia's 'We Meaning You'-tour and posted in June 2010. On 22 June, her new album 'We Are Born' came out! The Australian singer/songwriter Sia (aka Sia Furler) holds currently the Top 5 of the Billboard 200 chart. Her ballad 'My Love' is featured on the soundtrack of the Twilight Saga series.

Short Message 22/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'Run' by the British psychedelic rock band 'Spiritualized'
Fashionoffice received the announcement that 'Spiritualized' will perform songs from the 1997 album 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space' at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on 30 July. The video with psychedelic graphics is from 2001.

Short Message 22/6/2010 - Runway tip from the Milan Moda Uomo: John Richmond SS2011
Is the first track of the catwalk show a re-mixed Jim Morrison song? John Richmond's philosophy comes from punk, rock music, and street culture. From these sources he creates couture under slogans like 'Love and Hate' or 'Destroy Disorder Disorientate'. Annie Lennox, David Bowie and Snoop Dogg have been dressed up already by John Richmond. In Italy, the label John Richmond ranks high. It is known for the combination of classical, elegant and snottily elements. The designer John Richmond is born in Manchester, moved later to London. In 1982 he graduated from the Kingston University. In the same year he launched his first collection under his own name. Since around 12 years, John Richmond cooperates with the Italian business man Saverio Moschillo who directs the production at Italian manufacturers and has a network of showrooms worldwide. Saverio Moschillo is vice chairman of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.
Italian style with a British twist!

Short Message 22/6/2010 - Runway tip from the Milan Moda Uomo: Bottega Veneta SS2011
By looking through the collections that were presented at the Milan Moda Uomo from 19 to 22 June 2010, Fashionoffice has selected Bottega Veneta as example for classically apparel with sportive touch. Very Italian! The music on the catwalk comes from Tom Waits. The 1966 founded leather goods specialist Bottega Veneta (and it is still its main product line) has posted following message from Creative Director, German born Tomas Maier: "The collection is about performance and possibility. It's about what happens when you combine materials and techniques in new ways. We started from tailoring, because that is what defines a silhouette. From there, the options are endless. It becomes a question of personal style." Bottega Veneta means 'Venetian workshop'. By the way: the flagship store of Bottega Veneta in Venice (map) is right beside 'Harry's Bar' (the 'Bellini' was invented here) which has a long history with prominent guests like Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles or Truman Capote - and not to forget Ernest Hemingway who makes himself comfortable in the bar through some months for writing on one of his novels.

Short Message 22/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'Make You Feel' by indie folk label 'Setting Sun' from the album 'Fantasurreal', released on 1st June
On occasion of the release of the new album, the video with singer, songwriter Gary Levitt in the main role was posted online. In Queens (New York) born singer and guitarist Gary Levitt (aka Setting Sun) is addicted to film: he has studied film and music during college time. Levitt’s songs have appeared in a number of reality shows and independent films, and recently, his song 'Morning Song' was used in a commercial for 'The National Parks Foundation'. The video for the track 'Make You Feel' is filmed and edited by Tom Legnon. Tom has studied at first Fashion Illustration at Pratt Institute in New York before he discovered the elements of nature for his paintings and mixed media. Currently, he is working as art assistant with Jeff Koons in NYC. On his website, Tom Legnon posts: "My inspirations are both the natural and man made worlds; co existing and conspiring together, the eternal muse, interpersonal dialogues and glimpses between worlds."

Short Message 22/6/2010 - Inspiring fashion from the 70/80ies music stage
The video shows stage and backstage photos from the punk-rock band 'The Clash'. They are wearing black leather motorcycle jackets, slim trousers, and New Wave t-shirts. The band was active from 1976 to 1986. The classical style of The Clash's outfit is re-interpreted by today's designers again.

Men's wear 2011 presented in Africa
While the Milan Moda Uomo is running, two designers have chosen Africa as a stage for the new men's wear 2011...

Short Message 21/6/2010 - Historical media and creative practice
The 'Museum London' presents the work of artists with focus on 'crime-solving' as a cultural practice in times when it's harder to find the truth because of empirical evidence and momentariness of knowability. One of the artists is the Canadian Susan Schuppli, who examines new or alternate understandings of relationships between historical media artefacts and events. Her installation 'Stretch' (2008) focuses on the missing or 'silent' erasure of 18-½ minutes in Watergate Tape No. 342. "Each work suggests lingering questions, subtly transposing the forensic imagination as methodology within creative practice," comments the 'Museum London' the exhibition "Krimiseries: Evidence, Narrative and the Forensic Imagination", which runs from 26 June to 26 September 2010.

Oh, those beautiful boyz...; Men Style SS2010, FW2010/11
By looking through the messages that were sent in the last two months, Fashionoffice has picked some beautiful boyz' -- outfits.

Short Message 19/6/2010 - Burberry's collaboration with British musicians
On occasion of the new men's wear SS2011 show in Milan, Christopher Bailey presents the first 'Burberry Acoustic' track 'Alleyway' by the four men band 'Life in Film'. In June 2010, the music magazine The Independent has selected 'Life in Film' as the 'Band of the Week': "There’s no doubting these four lads have masses of talent, like a V8 engine, they’re just waiting for a chance to be let lose around Silverstone."

Fashionoffice inventory from July to October, calculated with DoubleClick for Publishers
Since the founding of Fashionoffice in 1995, Fashionoffice is constantly following the newest developments in online advertising. In January 2007, Fashionoffice has joined Google Adsense, which met the circumstance of the magazine’s international distribution best. Before, Fashionoffice has worked with the two largest online marketers within Austria...

Short Message 18/8/2010 - Free music download: 'Firecracker' by Frazey Ford from the debut solo album 'Obadiah (release 20 July)
"On 'Firecracker,' she’s a hard-drinking, deal making son-of-a-gun that talks to angels with a wry smile." is written on This is the first solo album of the member of the Vancouver 'The Be Good Tanyas'-trio. Frazey Ford is telling her own story which is moved by motherhood, earth, land and transports messages about recovery and healing. Her folk-soul songs are compared to the music of Neil Young -- and listen to her vibrating voice! The 13 tracks album is described as "...a collection of songs hand-carved by the hardships and exaltations of life and stained with the rich colors of soul and folk music...".

Short Message 17/6/2010 - Fashion teaser film with Real Madrid midfielder Kaká
In August 2010, photos and an online video for adidas SLVR FW2010/11 will premiere with Kaká alias international football star, Brazilian born Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, in the starring role alongside to tennis star Daniela Hantuchova. Kaká was the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2002 with his Brazil National Team, Champion of the Uefa Champions League in 2007 and Champion of the FIFA Club World Cup in 2007 with AC Milan.

Short Message 17/6/2010 - Fashion video for Neil Barrett's new beach and surf board collection for 'Sundek'
British designer Neil Barrett has created his first beach and surf board collection in collaboration with the Californian label 'Sundek'. The designer, who has studied at Central Saint Martins School in London, has worked at Gucci and Prada and was creative director for Puma before he started his own label. Today, he is known for dressing up Hollywood stars (for example Brad Pitt) and musicians like Justin Timberlake - remember Timberlake in the vintage leather bomber in the video '4minutes' with Madonna. The launch of the collection was celebrated with a cocktail party during the 78° Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, where even the fashion video premiered. "When Sundek first contacted me five months ago, as I was starting to design my SS11 collection, it seemed a logical collaboration to work with one of the leaders in the beachwear world. Now summer has arrived and the first of the four collections collaborating with Sundek is to be launched at Pitti. Based on traditional menswear garments photographed and printed onto beach garments: boardshorts, slips, boxers, t-shirts, k-ways, towels and flip flops."

Not for fashion-victims!
The jeans, shirt, jewellery and underwear look almost inconspicuous in this Fashionoffice combination. This styling is not for fashion-victims! It's a collection of pieces that provide an elemental story, a sexy idea, a punky spirit...

Short Message 16/6/2010 - Slow fashion at a lottery: mija t. rosa's dress 'ripped stripes' made of recycled fabrics
The 'Slow Fashion' agency announces that the 'ripped stripes'-dress by the Austrian design label mija t. rosa (founded by Julia Cepp in 2009 - studied at the University of Applied Arts) is the lottery win at the next 'Women Talk' about sustainable economics on 24 June in Vienna where experts from the industry will speak about themes like renewable power and eco-friendly textile production. Mija t. rosa focuses in her work on the image of femininity in our society and 'fashion with consciousness'; especially on producing clothes with recycled textiles. Two days before this business-talk - on 22 June, Slow Fashion invites to another discussion with designers and retailers about the history of 'Eco' and when it became 'fashion' for clothing, beauty, nutrition, and health products. Details on

Short Message 15/6/2010 - Award for web documentary that uses effectively tools by the web on a news topic
The 'FRANCE 24-RFI Web Documentary Award' honors the best web documentary that sets itself apart from the other entries in terms of choice of subject, originality and innovative use of new multimedia tools. Closing date for entries is the 20th July 2010. The award is organized by the international news television channel 'FRANCE 24' and the international news radio station 'RFI'. Details on

Short Message 14/6/2010 - Entry for on Google Maps
Please note: you land on when you wish to visit the magazine's front page by clicking the URL These are not our entries! We experience that since around four years and have reported it to Austrian and European authorities - but no way. Even contacting Google and changing it with a PIN code couldn't prevent that wrong entries appear.

Short Message 14/6/2010 - Free MP3 download: 'Endless Eyes' by Alain Johannes from the solo debut album 'Spark' (release 31 August)
Fashionoffice received the link for the MP3 download of the new song by multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Alain Johannes, who is known for co-founding the band Eleven and collaborations like with Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell, etc. 'Endless Eyes' is an ode to Natasha Shneider, Johannes’ late wife and creative partner. After she passed away in 2008, Queens of the Stone Age organized an all-star benefit show in Los Angeles to celebrate Shneider’s life. Johannes composed 'Endless Eyes' specifically for the show, and the song ended up settling the wheels in motion for what would become Spark. Rock guitarist Alain Johannes combines on the new album elements of classical, flamenco, and Indian music.

Table culture; Vienna Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
I have met the artist and designer Gottfried Palatin and made an interview about his profession. I asked him: "So you would say that design unifies beauty, function and can be experienced on a spiritual level too? Is it right that this spiritual level can even be linked with the 'Real World' such as an social project with the Ahawah collection?"

Beach and party outfit! Glam for Women.
One of the 'Glam Style' pieces is designed by the Italian Paola Tessariol who has founded her label on inspiration of William Shakespeare's 'Porzia'...

Short Message 12/6/2010 - Austrian Press Association is celebrating an elegant summer night in gowns and tuxedos
On 18 June, the summer ball of the Austrian Press Association 'Presseclub Concordia' (founded 1859) is taking place at the Viennese city hall. The mission of the Presseclub Concordia is to look behind the freedom of press, build conscience about ethics and quality in journalism, and to serve as a meeting place for Austrian as well as foreign journalists and authors. The first Concordia Ball happened in 1863. This year's motto 'Mid-summer Night's Dream' is inspired by William Shakespeare's comedy about manipulated reality. Elegant floor-length evening dress or tuxedo, dinner jacket is required. Details on

Refreshing water! Men Style.
Fashionoffice has selected some pieces which are inspired by water and nature such as the green t-shirt by a new brand that proclaims 'nature doesn't have to bleed for fashion!', a fragrance that tells a story of a new technology which interacts with water, or a computer in board sport design...

Reports about Viennese design, Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Vienna is a nice place. But there are also some cruxes. The city is so great that journalists tend to forget that their work such as interviews have to be deleted at once as the one who is portrayed wants that. The reason therefore is that the Austrian media law...

Short Message 9/6/2010 - 'The Ghost Who Walks' (Live Acoustic) by Karen Elson
On 25 May 2010, Karen Elson released her first album 'The Ghost Who Walks', recorded at Third Man Studios with her husband Jack White as producer. Karen Elson, known of being a model for international fashion shootings, brings with her introverted vocals an imponderable thrill into the Nashville inspired folk songs. Today, Karen Elson performs in Los Angeles at Spaceland, on 13 June in Denver, 15 June in Chicago...

Short Message 8/6/2010 - 'Buster Voodoo' by the Mexican guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela from the new 11 track album 11:11 (released 2009)
The video shows the two musicians Rodrigo y Gabriela in a studio surrounding playing the 'Buster Voodoo' track in a live version. Rodrigo y Gabriela, who performed on 19 May at a state dinner in the White House in Washington on invitation of President Barack and Michelle Obama, have now contributed 'Hora Zero' in a live-version to a new compilation to help stop violence against women and girls which grew in the Congo as a result of the conflict in its Democratic Republic. The album includes unreleased tracks from Norah Jones, Mos Def, Damien Rice, Sheryl Crow... to name a few. The digital release is today on 8 June, the physical on 22 June In June and July, Rodrigo y Gabriela are on Europe tour in Belgium, France, UK...

Fair Play; Football Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
From 11 June to 11 July 2010, the Football Worldcup in South Africa will even affect fashion such as you can see on the following article: Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing a green shirt by Nike which was specially re-designed for this mega sports event...

Short Message 6/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'Television' by Baaba Maal in collaboration with 'Brazilian Girls'-members (singer Sabina Sciubba and keyboardist Didi Gutman)
On the lead track of the 2009 released album 'Television' by the Senegalese musician Baaba Maal, Sabina Sciubba sings in different languages. Sabina is the vocalist of the New York electro-pop band 'Brazilian Girls' - the group consists of three men and one woman. Sabina is born in Rome, grew up in France and Germany, and is now living in Brooklyn, New York. In early June 2010, Baaba Maal invites to 'Tweet for A Track!'. You can access the download link of the Mikey J Remix of the song 'Tindo' on

Short Message 4/6/2010 - Rocking fashion video, starring Kristen Stewart
The US boutique chain Bebe, which started in 1976 in San Francisco, since 1998 even online, has worked together with Flaunt Magazine to provide an impression from a stylish and sexy woman. The editors have selected actress Kristen Stewart - known from the movie 'Twilight', for the shooting with photographer Yu Tsai. The photos with accompanying interview are published in Flaunt Magazine issue 109 (The Fashion Issue).

The Topmodel look
The young women from the beloved worldwide running TV-series 'Topmodel' have inspired Fashionoffice for the 'Topmodel'-look...

Short Message 3/6/2010 - Video from a ballett with costumes by a fashion designer
The video shows the Italian group Balletto Teatro di Torino on 18 February 2010 performing 'Echi E Follie' to the baroque inspired composition for violoncello by Lamberto Curtoni (born 1987). The costumes are from the Italian designer, contemporary artist, and performer Samantha Stella - you can see her at the beginning of the video sitting on the chair; Samantha has long hair. She works together with Sergio Frazzingaro on the label 'Corpicrudi' (means 'row bodies'). From 6 June to 18 July, Corpicrudi is represented with a video and photos at the exhibition 'Please me Fashion' with focus on interdependencies between art and fashion. The photos were shot by Corpicrudi in collaboration with fashion designer Alessandro de Benedetti under the title 'Vanitas'. For Corpicrudi, beauty is politics in the sense of thinking 'good'.

Short Message 2/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'Underdog' by the British alternative band Kasabian
On 3rd June 2010 they will perform on stage in Germany together with bands like Muse, Jay-Z, Alice in Chains,... to name a few. The Kasabian tour is continued in Italy, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland...

Short Message 2/6/2010 - Photography for music covers
Photographer Joel Brodsky (1939 - 2007) speaks in this retrospective from 2006 at an Apple store in Soho about his work such as the iconic cover image showing Jim Morrison from 1967 on the single 'The Unknown Soldier' (1968) by 'The Doors', or about the shooting with Iggy Pop: Iggy made a risky jump over a people's group and landed on his face. The video shows the jump as well as Iggy Pop with some stitches on his face.

What do men wear this year?
The fashion pieces were selected because of their sportive, comfortable, as well as - from the design angle, interesting appeal...

Short Message 1/6/2010 - British designers in an exhibition in Vienna
Fashion, art, photography, film, illustration by designers and creative heads from the British scene, including Dashing Tweeds, Charlie Le Mindu, Noki, etc. are on show at the exhibition 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?' from 11 June to 12 Sept 2010 at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. Dashing Tweeds is the design label by photographer Guy Hills and weaver Kirsty McDougall who are focusing on the 'tweed of the 21st century'; Charlie Le Mindu designs wigs and styles hair for musicians like Florence and the Machine, Peaches, or Lady Gaga; Noki is an art brand that customizes second-hand garments as a statement against mass-produced fashion;... to name only a few of the designers and their works. The exhibition organizers have installed a blog and a twitter channel to get an additional view on the designers.

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