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Short Message 31/5/2010 - Art video 'Rise and Fall' (2009) by Fiona Tan
Artist Fiona Tan focuses on the fact that humans constantly develop their identity by remembering and forgetting. She enforces the dramaturgy of the video by using a split screen to tell the story about a woman who remembers moments in her life. Amsterdam-based Fiona Tan, born 1966 in Indonesia and grown up in Australia, continued her reflections on identity in one of her most recent works 'Projection 2010' where she is turning the camera on herself for a self-portrait. Both art videos are exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Canada) until 6 September 2010

Short Message 31/5/2010 - Fashion photography
Just received the information about the launch of the new website on with works by the photographers Michael Labica and Sandrine Dulermo who have recently captured Dita Von Teese in PVC shoes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier (making-of video).

Short Message 31/5/2010 - Music tip: Serge Gainsbourg's song 'Harley David Son of A Bitch'
Later, the song was covered by 'The Bollock Brothers'.

Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, June 2010
To give you a better orientation how users find Fashionoffice by search, the most important keywords are...

Short Message 29/5/2010 - Music-art documentary video tip: 'Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith'
Robert Mapplethorpe is in fashion again. The photo of Patti Smith in a white skirt, trousers with suspenders that look like a tie, holding a dark jacket on her shoulders, from 1975 is iconic. It stands for a society that has changed its view on men and women. The oeuvre of Robert Mapplethorpe focuses on nudity, male bodies and homosexuality. The New York gallery Sean Kelly just sent the information that the MALBA - Fundacion Costantini Buenos Aires (Argentina will show from 4 June to 2 August 130 photographs made by the New York (Queens) born photographer between 1975 and 1988 under the title 'Robert Mapplethorpe: Eros and Order'. At this time, even the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf (Germany) runs an exhibition (until 15 August) about the artist. The organizers of the exhibition deliver an accompanying guide which can be received on mobile phones. On the website, you can 'listen to the images'.

Iggy Pop and street fashion in Vienna; by publisher Karin Sawetz
On my way to a 'Jour-fixe' about SEO and SEM I had to stop at a crossroad in front of the Votiv Kirche and the University of Vienna. I was sitting in my car and looked at the passengers walking across the road; the outfits were not thrilling - trivial combinations of trousers and jackets with scarves. Even the music from the radio was trivial and so I was searching for a new channel as my car was shaked up by the sound of up to 10 Harleys...

Short Message 27/5/2010 - Music video tip: premiere of 'Summertime' by Lana Mir from her new album (release 24 August)
The easiness of music! Fashionoffice just received the music video tip for the track 'Summertime' by the Ukrainian born, in New York living singer/songwriter Lana Mir from the new album 'Lana Mir'. The video is showing easy living in New York’s Central Park. It premiered yesterday on the online edition of the Chicago headquartered print magazine 'Venus Magazine'. The magazine focuses on women in music, art, film, fashion, and culture. The Venus Zine has an own radio, entitled 'Venus staff is listening to...'.

The easiness of fashion
Enjoy some nice things for summer and late summer! 

Short Message 26/5/2010 - Music video tip: Elektro Guzzi filmed by Karin Hammer and Stefan Hafner
Fashionoffice just received the information that the Viennese band Elektro Guzzi will perform live on occasion of the after show party of the Modeschule Wien 'Bachelor studies for Fashion' on 12 June at the new Viennese dance and concert location 'The Loft'. The split-screen black/white video by the Austrian filmmakers Karin Hammer and Stefan Hafner expresses perfectly the music style of Elektro Guzzi. The musicians’ analogue trance-dance-arrangements of drums, bass, and guitar sound like electronic music although they are using no computer. The video shows the time aspect of the simultaneously played instruments. Elektro Guzzi announces on its website that the band's debut album (produced with Patrick Pulsinger) will be released this month.

Short Message 26/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Queer' by Garbage
Good things don't go out of fashion! Like the video from 1995 for the track 'Queer' by the Scottish/US band Garbage. On YouTube, users discuss the song about extraordinary humans, who are not exclusively homosexuals. Last week, the poster of the video answered one user: "Its is and its not, consider this to being queer is not all about your sexuality, for example many belive the so called jedi religion is queer!!!" According to rumours on the net, Garbage is working on new material for 2010.

Short Message 25/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Only Here For The Fight' by Swedish singer/songwriter Jenny Wilson from her album 'Hardships'
Jenny Wilson is giving away 'Only Here for the Fight' as a taste of her new record. Fashionoffice was encouraged to post and share! The album, which premiered in Europe already in 2009, will be released on 24 August in US. Jenny Wilson has written, recorded, and produced the 14 tracks in pop-R&B, modern spiritual style for the album 'Hardships' in her studio in Stockholm. Already in early 2010, Jenny Wilson has inspired Fashionoffice with her video for the song 'Like A Fading Rainbow' to make an article about new urban wear. In this video she performs a nature ceremony with children in urban sportswear on the grassland and in the forest.

What do designers wear on the catwalk?
Some of the designers really have 'model-qualities' such as you can see on the first image of good looking designer...

Short Message 24/5/2010 - Fashion video from Alisha Trimble's 'Blanche DuMois' FW2010 lingerie show
Fashionoffice just received an invitation by designer Alisha Trimble to the summer event of the vintage shop 'Isobel Arnberg' on Friday, 28 May in New York's district Nolita. On the same address like the shop - one floor downstairs, designer Alisha Trimble opens temporarily her space 'little a', where she creates the women's wear 'Alisha Trimble', the lingerie line 'Blanche DuMois', and her own swimwear line 'BrainWaves. "Being next to vintage shop Isobel Arnberg is a blast, and having the young designers’ market on the block is also a perk because I get to see my friends," says Alisha Trimble

Short Message 23/5/2010 - Video about how the body sculptures of artist Antony Gormley are made
British artist Antony Gormley speaks in the video about his sculptures which are representing the artist himself. At this time, Antony Gormley is showing in the exhibition 'Critical Mass' 60 life-size bodies which are installed on the roof of the De La Warr Pavilion at the sea coast in Sussex, England (runs until 31 August 2010). In sociology, Critical Mass means the level of density within a collective until something transformative happens. Antony Gormley visualizes with the lying and kneeling body-sculptures the fragility of human societies. 'Critical Mass' was first exhibited in 1995 in a railway remise in Vienna as remembrance of the holocaust.

How does he look like when he wears clothes?
Men can look great in their shorts on the beach. But unfortunately often the ones with the highest swimshorts-impact fail when they are dressed up in unfashionable pieces and the desire grows that they get undressed again...

From a pool in Vienna, by publisher Karin Sawetz, May 2010
Today (21 May 2010), I have tried another vehicle to reach a place which evoked my journalistic interest. The weather continues to be unsteadily since days, but as the windy rain between the sunshine is warm and the location is situated on my favorite training tour, I took my bike...

Vienna Insight from a press day by publisher Karin Sawetz, May 2010
The product presentation at the second press event about a new women's shaver was so short that I had enough time to talk with my colleagues such as Irmie Schüch-Schamburek who told me from her newest online-project and the 'Fresh Faces'-model-contest juror Alamande Belfor who entered the group of journalists with the words: "I don't know how to start the conversation when so many women stand together." Clever guy!...

Short Message 19/5/2010 - Fashion video about vintage shopping in New York
Today, Fashionoffice received the video info about vintage shopping from Swedish Barracuda TV team. Even today, Finish designer Ivana Helsinki has sent the announcement that her clothes from her current SS2010 will be presented from 21 to 23 May at the dress boutique 'Honey in the Rough'. The shop was founded by the New Mexican Ashley Hanosh. Before opening the boutique, Ashley Hanosh was makeup artist and executive for Shiseido. Her former profession led her to the concept to include a beauty salon into the boutique. The boutique presents pieces from designers like Japanese Tsumori Chisato, the Brazilian Alexandre Herchcovitch, or the New York label 'Thread Social'.

Women Style 'Difference'
The following 'Women Style' with beauty, fashion, jewellery, and lifestyle pieces in vintage design is inspired by three exceptional women who changed the thinking through their visual and literary work during the 20ies to the 50ies...

Short Message 17/5/2010 - Making-of video from a fashion shooting for French lingerie
Fashionoffice just received an email from Lori Sholzberg, co-founder of Panty by Post is packing French panties by Blush Lingerie and send them by post. The orders start with a single panty - package name 'Sexy Single', to the 'Menage a Trois' (3 panties) and goes up to 'The Commitment' package which brings each month another panty the whole year through.

Writing and re-writing history
History is an inspiring source for discoverers of future-design. A currently running competition requires students to take their inspiration for a single garment design from the Medieval and Renaissance galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; Central Saint Martins graduate Tine Beez has taken for her Nano-technology pieces a closer look at the almost 100 years old clothing of Mount Everest mountaineer George Mallory; artist Isaac Julien re-imagines the history of the North Pole expedition from a race and gender view by following the true story of explorer Matthew Henson...

The Fabric of the Web
Mash-up style-stories are the creative output of ‘original’ online-journalism

Short Message 15/5/2010 - Book tip: 'Search Patterns' - Design perspective on search engines
On 13 May, the online-marketing media published a video interview with Peter Morville from the US company Semantic Studios which approaches interactive products and services like websites from the view of a designer. Peter Morville, author of the book 'Search Patterns', studies all players in the search field - the engine, the users and their search behavior, the content, the content producers, or the metadata for the creation of new ideas.

Short Message 13/5/2010 - Fashion shooting with a New York society darling
Just received the news from 'The Malcolm', an US media which looks on the elegant-modern side of fashion, photography, culture, and music with a 'scene'-touch, about the newest shooting for the FW2010/11 collection by designer Erin Kleinberg with NY society darling Annabelle Dexter-Jones (younger sibling of a 'downtown' fashion designer and a DJ) who is presenting the comfortable pieces at The Standard Hotel in New York City. Photography by Isabel Asha Penzlien.

Short Message 12/5/2010 - Book tip: '101 Things I Learned (TM) in Fashion School'
The New York office of Hachette Book Group (since 1837) announces this month's release of the new book '101 Things I Learned (TM) in Fashion School' about the anticipation of cultural trends in fashion design and the view on fashion consumers, the ways a designer collection is conceived, the manufacture of fabric, fashion illustration, etc. Co-author of the book is award-winning fashion designer and faculty member at the Parsons Institute, New School for Design, Alfredo Cabrera, who worked already for labels like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Jeans, Xpress, Liz Claiborne, to name a few. The book is structured into 101 lessons such as 'Design into the fabric' with advices on the design process, or the lesson 'Illustration types', which is about the drawing types that are used in the fashion business for presentations. Between the lessons, the book is spiced with quotations like the following one from Diana Vreeland: "A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste - it's hearty, it's healthy, it's physical. No taste is what I'm against."

Short Message 12/5/2010 - Music video tip: 'My Sea' by CALLmeKAT from the one-woman band's debut album 'Fall Down'
Danish musician Katrine Ottosen alias CALLmeKAT writes the lyrics, plays the keyboards, and composes the music. The vintage styled video 'My Sea' was shot by US director Daniel Kelley 2009 in Los Angeles. CALLmeKAT is on tour: 12 May Lausanne (Switzerland), 13 May Saarbrücken (Germany), followed by performances in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Canada, New York...

Short Message 12/5/2010 - Music video tip: 'Beauty In The World' by Macy Gray from her upcoming album 'The Sellout' (release 22 June)
On 12 May, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Macy Gray will appear on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'. The video, which runs already on channels like VH1 and MTV, is directed by Adria Petty, the daughter of musician Tom Petty. Adria Petty has already worked with Regina Spektor, Beyoncé, or Duffy. For Duffy, she has directed the US version of the hit 'Mercy' in 2008. The Europeans know the 'Mercy'-version from 2007 directed by Daniel Wolfe showing men on their knees...

Women Style 'Rumble Fish'
The article with sexy rock 'Rumble Fish' pieces is inspired by creative women who are open-minded thinkers such as the female medician Danielle Roches who researched on a cream against skin diseases and created accidently a product for longer lashes...

Fashion and Advertising
Fashionoffice co-founder media psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Josef Sawetz about the same roots of fashion and advertising...

Short Message 10/5/2010 - Movie preview to a t-shirt magazine's superhero contest
Fashionoffice just received the call to a video-costume contest by the Swedish t-shirt magazine T-post on occasion of the release of the t-shirt Issue 54 'I am Shining Star', which is designed to awaken superheros: "To prove it, T-post is giving away $1,000 to any costumeclad do-gooder whose YouTube video earns the most views."

Fashion as a souvenir
Limited fashion editions are 'souvenirs' of our times...

Short Message 8/5/2010 - Music tip on occasion of Mother's Day: '7 seconds' by Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour and singer/songwriter Swedish Neneh Cherry (1994)
The text about the first uncomplicated (knowing nothing about problems in our world) '7 seconds' in the life of a new born by Neneh Cherry is sung in French, English and Wolof (Senegalese language). According to Wikipedia, a new Neneh Cherry solo album with the title 'Reborn' or 'Family Therapy' with tracks from the years since 2003 is planned to be released in mid-2010.

Short Message 7/5/2010 - Art tip on occasion of Mother's Day on 9 May 2010: work about motherhood by Louise Bourgeois
From 6 May until 12 June 2010, San Francisco based Gallery Paule Anglim presents drawings and sculptures of the French born in New York living artist Louise Bourgeois about the cycle of human life under the title 'Mother and Child'. Bourgeois' themes are birth, death, sexuality and the creative power of the mother; the transition from woman to embryo to child to girl to woman. 'Echo' (2007) is a central sculpture in this exhibition: it remembers internal organs and is developed by Bourgeois from experiments with clothing like an old grey sweater which hangs from a skeleton.

Short Message 6/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Jane Bond' by Viktoria Modesta
Recently, eco-designer Ada Zanditon created a sculptural sexy black outfit for Russian speaking Latvian born, since the age of 12 in London based singer, fashion diva and showgirl Viktoria Modesta. The musician publishes photos (significant shoulders and short pants) on

Short Message 6/5/2010 - 70/80ies music stage & backstage photos
...showing the punk-rock band 'The Clash' in black leather motorcycle jackets, slim trousers, and New Wave t-shirts. The band was active from 1976 to 1986 and well known for its idealistic political ideology. The Clash positioned themselves as rebels with a cause. With songs such as 'The Guns of Brixton' or 'I Fought the Law' they became icons with outlaw image for a generation that has worked on a new society. Find more videos, interviews on

Short Message 6/5/2010 - Fashion designer for musicians
Brooklyn, New York based video site posted on 5 May 2010 the report 'Janet Hansen: Giving Daft Punk, MIA and Kanye that Laser Look' about a fashion engineer who has created 'Tron'-costumes for Daft Punk or illuminating outfits for Kanye West. The studied biomechanician creates 'enligthed designs' - this is also the name of her California based label. Motherboard produces not only editorial videos about design, art, music etc. On the website users are invited to discuss the content and to contribute own ideas or to express the personal value of the content such as one user posted: 'Always wondered how some of those were made...'

Men, love, and motors
The article starts with the 'Portrait of my Lover' by French artist Niki de Saint Phalle who used an image of her friend as a target and the movie 'A Single Man' directed by Tom Ford, which is about a man who suffers from living without his friend...

Short Message 5/5/2010 - Fashion photos from a men's wear designer backstage
Recently, Fashionoffice has received photos presenting international models like Alex Schultz, Erasmo Viana and others backstage at a shooting for the Brasilian men's wear designer Marcelu Ferraz SS2010. The fabrics for the pieces are by Dalutex, which is also the sponsor of the shooting. The models are styled up with additional fashion pieces by New Captain underwear, shoulder jewel by Karin Reiter, accessories by Alex Palma, Converse sneakers and Carrera glasses. For FW2010/11, Marcelu Ferraz has created a collection inspired by Umberto Eco's 'The Name of the Rose' in Middle Ages style. At this time Fashionoffice doesn't know if there is a plan to produce a photo story with the FW2010/11 pieces; but if we receive any, we will post it.

Short Message 4/5/2010 - Fashion photo show 'Into The Wild'
Berlin based news service for avantgarde fashion 'modabot' has just sent the information about its newest application: fashion photo shows that can be embedded into own publications or shared on the social platforms Facebook and Twitter. The first show has the title 'Into The Wild'. Photographer René Fietzek has taken the pictures of a woman with wild punk hair and natural make up, created by hair/cosmetics-artist Christiane Buchholz, in the Tiergarten Berlin. Stylist Nele Schrinner has chosen extraordinary pieces like a dress with geometric elements by Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos who worked for Vivienne Westwood and Jil Sander before he started his own label 'Dimitri' in 2006, or a voluminous skirt by Marcel Ostertag who studied at Central St. Martin's.

Short Message 4/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Stop' by the California based punk-rock band 'Black Rebel Motorcycle Club' (BRMC) from the album 'Take Them On, On Your Own' (2003)
The three members band, which takes its name from Marlon Brando's motorcycle gang from the movie 'The Wild One' (1953), is with the new album 'Beat the Devil's Tattoo' (release March 2010) on tour now: 4 May Berlin, 5 May Munich, 7 May Milan, etc. followed by several cities in Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Czech, Poland... in July they will arrive in Australia.

Motor History; Vienna Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, May 2010
'The Sartorialist' inspired me for this special Vienna Insight. I looked through my family photos and found one from the early 1930s showing my grandma sitting on a motorbike...

Short Message 3/5/2010 - Vintage photo from the 1930s
Scott Schuman's blog 'The Sartorialist' provides stylish street views from New York, Milan, Paris. On 2 May 2010, the blog post 'Tailored Outerwear, Vintage Photo Contest' with a photo showing three men in the 1930s on the street evokes comments such as "Quite an amazing photo, particularly as one of the gentleman has his trench tied tightly around his waist."

Fashion on Style
The early 20th century and especially the 1930/40s styles are once again a theme of creative heads. Fashion by Agent Provocateur, A.Hallucination London, Capo; beauty by Michael Danler; bicycle by Bowery Lane Bicycles...

Short Message 1/5/2010 - Fashionoffice art tip on occasion of Labor Day: 'Working Girls' at Swarovski in Vienna
The crystalline design label Swarovski presents in its Viennese store object-skirts by the Lithuanian textile artist Almyra Weigel as homage to working women. Weigel focuses in 'Working Girls' on the image of women in the 50s/60s by reflecting upon the past time - women's housework and work-related emancipation, from the angle of the beginning of the 21st century. The exhibition runs since 29 April 2010 through May. 'Working Girls' is the first of a series of exhibitions about fashion, design, and art which are on show inside the store and in the central store window. The 2-monthly series are curated by the Austrian fashion historian and theoretician Dr. Gerda Buxbaum.

Short Message 1/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Moonbeam' by Jens Buchert from the album 'Sunset City' (2009)
The music tip comes from a Juvena Spa experience
while drifting away in the center of Vienna on the roof top of the Haas Haus (built by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein in a post-modern style). The German musician Jens Buchert delivers two tracks for the cosmetic label's own CD compilation.

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