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Most viewed articles in April 2010
During the last 30 days, articles about Make Up For Ever, Chanel, and 'Domino', a movie with Keira Knightley in the main role, have received the most interest by fashion addicted online users...

Short Message 30/4/2010 - Music documentary by artist Julian Schnabel: Lou Reed's Berlin (released 2007)
The documentary from the 4 days performances by Lou Reed of his 1973-album 'Berlin' was shot by artist and director Julian Schnabel in 2006 at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn. Schnabel (born 1951 in New York) has directed awarded movies like 'Basquiat' (1996), or in 2007 'The Diving Bell And The Butterfly'. Now, around 100 snapshots on polaroid taken by Julian Schnabel in the last years with a camera from the 70s will be exhibited for the first time to the public at the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf (30 May - 4 July 2010). The 'Polaroids' show portraits of Lou Reed, Placido Domingo, Mickey Rourke, and The Beastie Boys, as well as pictures of the private rooms in Palazzo Chupi in New York (which Schnabel himself designed and decorated) and his studios in Brooklyn, Montauk, and Manhattan. Some of the photos are painted over by Julian Schnabel. Following video gives an insight into Julian Schnabel's studio, a former perfume factory:

Mash-up style-stories; Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, May 2010
Fashionoffice has developed a new editorial strategy that does not follow data results from third parties, but is created from Fashionoffice's contemporary taste for fashion, beauty and art, which is not measureable by technicians...

Women on motorcycles
...But the individual cultural development is not only country-specific. You can even find in Central European countries men and women who think at first of Britney Spears in 'I Love Rock'n'Roll' as soon as it comes to 'motorcycles and women'...

Short Message 28/4/2010 - Fashion video with music from the 70s/80s
Burberry released for the new 'April Showers' collection a video with a song originally from the 70s in an interpretation by ska-band 'Madness' from the early 80s.

Short Message 28/4/2010 - Music-video tip: funk-punk 'Times A Thousand' by 'Hot Hot Heat' from the new album Future Breeds (release June 2010)
Vancouver based band 'Hot Hot Heat' are publishing this unofficial video for the song 'Times a Thousand' on YouTube. The song remembers 70s progressive rock sound in the style of British 'Cockney Rebel'. 'Hot Hot Heat' provides a rocking mix of acoustic and electronic guitars. In May and June 'Hot Hot Heat' is on tour in New York and Los Angeles.

Tracking fashion!
The globalisation of our society causes the increasing importance of 'tracking'. If it's DNA analysis and ancestry, or the production circle and certified materials - the emerging interest in where we or the things we are using come from, is the leading idea of the 'Global Style' on the following page. In between some beach inspired pieces for watching the main routes travelers take...

Short Message 27/4/2010 - Music tip: 'Can We Go Wrong (RAC Mix)' by Hesta Prynn
Recently, female board-rider outfitter Roxy announced on its blog that the track 'Can We Go Wrong' by New York electro-pop singer Hesta Prynn is the 'Download of the Week': "'Can We Go Wrong' is a song that is bound to get stuck in that pretty little head of yours." Now, the remix of the song is online! In an interview on Hesta Prynn describes her sound:"I have live drums on every single song, but there's also programmed drums and we mix those together. It's kind of the same with all of the elements of the music, a mix of live and electronic."

Short Message 26/4/2010 - Music-tip: Reggae-rap-hip-hop 'As We Enter' by Nas and Damian JR. Gong Marley
... from the musicians' project album 'Distant Relatives' (release on 18 May). Damian provides the instrumentation and sound, while the beats and lyrics come from Nas.

Short Message 26/4/2010 - Motor-video showing a racing car powered by Green energy
In April 2010, BMW has presented the racing car 'MINI E Race' (speed 187 km/h) at the Nürburgring. Until 11 May 2010, product designers are invited to join the design competition on Mini's center rail (where you store your mobile phone, mp3player, sunglasses, iPod-stations, etc.) at

Short Message 26/4/2010 - Art-video 'Vanishing Point' (2009) about speed, motorcycles, freedom by Janet Biggs
New York multimedia artist Janet Biggs approaches the search of freedom in a metaphysical way by showing the boundaries of the physical world. Such as the motorcycler in her video 'Vanishing Point' is reaching destruction or transcendence at the end of her search for freedom, or synchronized swimmers who try to defy gravity, or icebergs floating on Iceland. Now, the Washington gallery Conner Contemporary exhibits a new Janet Biggs video and photos. 'Nobody Rides for Free' is showing an explorer navigating through iceberg filled seas in the high Arctic, paddling a kayak past glacier walls and polar bears. By capturing the scenes, Janet Biggs tested her own will and endurance. The video is about the myth of the solitary white male explorer, the idea of the colonial polar hero. Janet Biggs has chosen for the video the androgyny voice of counter tenor John Kelly. Even her video 'Vanishing Point', featuring biker Leslie Porterfield and the Harlem Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir, will be on view at Conner Contemporary (15 May - 3 July 2010).

Short Message 25/4/2010 - Historic music-video from Janis Joplin's stage performance 'Piece Of My Heart' from the album 'Cheap Thrills' (1968)
Costumes worn by 60/70s musicians like US rock-psychedelic singer/songwriter Janis Joplin (born 1943, died 1970), who started her carreer at the formation 'Big Brother and the Holding Company' at the Bay Area San Francisco in 1966, are part of the exhibition 'Somethin's Happening Here. Bay Area Rock 'n' Roll 1963-73' with rare audio and video clips showing influences of music on fashion at the Museum of Performance and Design, San Francisco (runs until 28 August 2010). Jeanne Rose, who designed clothes for 'Big Brother and the Holding Company', invites on 13 May to a discussion on vintage, hippie, psychedelic, mod and Western looks that constituted rock ‘n’ roll style in the Bay Area in the ‘60s and early ‘70s

Inspired by Hollywood
Recently, Fashionoffice has received a magazine lookbook with the title 'Road to Hollywood'. While listening to the music of Unkle 'Burn My Shadow', the pieces on the following page found together to a mysterious night style...

Short Message 23/4/2010 - Styling application on iPhone
Yesterday, the Danish jeans label Only (founded 1995, more than 1100 shops in Europe) launched an iPhone App that enables stylist a-like outfit creations from the Only collections which can be shared on Facebook. The application provides GPS that guides to the nearest store, an online-shop, videos, news... The ONLY iPhone App is free to download on iTunes and use.

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Short Message 22/4/2010 - Photojournalism Awards
“Why do the media continue to drive us mindless with stupid shows and magazines? And why do they continue to give useless news items, instead of interesting and important news events?” explains Marion Mozzi the decision to extend the education program for photojournalism during the next Visa pour l’Image Festival in Perpignan from 28 August to 12 September 2010. 3000 accredited professionals, 280 press agencies and associations of photographers from all other the world will join the platform of press photography. Exhibitions, meetings, and screenings reflect the sociologic impact of press photography and provide material for a critical analysis. On the festival's website you will find details on several awards such as the 2010 CARE Award for Humanitarian Reportage (deadline 10 June) or the Canon Female Photojournalist Award (31 May 2010), where you can send your work.

Short Message 22/4/2010 - Fashionoffice just received an album tip: 'Art School Girls' by the Brooklyn rap-punk trio 'Ninjasonik'
The 14 tracks album 'Art School Girls' by Ninjasonik was released on 19 April 2010. Ninjasonik has created the indie/hip-hop sound on an art a-like concept that focuses on cultural fusion: "It's obviously not the normal collaborative line-up for what many could misconstrue as a hip-hop record, but a "cultural fusion" says Telli, "I don't think sound has been merged like what we do. I'm a rapper, Jah's a punk, and Teenwolf's a musicologist." Ninjasonik is on tour in US.

The realization of design; Vienna Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Vienna's public transport operator 'Wiener Linien' presented the new uniforms designed by students of the fashion school Michelbeuern. I couldn't attend the event, but today in the morning while drinking my coffee, I stumbled in a newspaper about a picture of the new dresses that make me think of my time in fashion school. I don't know how often I had to go with my creations to the technical dean, I even had to leave the school several times and continued my education only by begging the school director. BTW: later we had a good relationship. Probably because I was the college-student who spent the most time with her...

Media alert, April 2010: Fashionoffice has gone Green
Fashionoffice was founded in 1995 with the "FashionAvigator”-study about fashion online and started in 1996 with one of the first fashion magazines exclusively published online. Now, Fashionoffice is powered by 100% wind energy...

No Discipline!
Designers, artists are practising from time to time 'indiscipline' by working in other creative fields than their own. Art by Bless, interior by Diesel, fashion by Vivienne Westwood for Lee, flowers by Zweigstelle in shoes by Humanic...

Short Message 20/4/2010 - Fashion video: Dita Von Teese in PVC shoes, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier
The video from the making of the Melissa-Plastic Shoe Series by the Absynth photographers Michael Labica and Sandrine Dulermo for the Plastic Dreams Magazine is published on the YouTube-channel of the Brazilian PVC-shoe label Melissa. After Zaha Hadid and Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier has interpreted his view on the Melissa-PVC-shoe for Winter 2010. The London based photographers Michael Labica and Sandrine Dulermo have already worked with Alicia Keys and magazines like Vogue, Elle, etc. For the shoes worn by Dita Von Teese they have chosen the scenery of a circus.

Short Message 20/4/2010 - Fashionoffice just received a music video tip: 'Clap Your Hands' from the new album 'We Are Born' by Australian singer/songwriter Sia (aka Sia Furler, album release on 7 June 2010). Yesterday, the video premiered on On you can listen the great voice of Sia on tracks from the new album! In April/May Sia is on tour in Europe and North America.

Short Message 20/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Big Majestic' by the Viennese duo 'Madchen Amick'
The dark vintage sounds by Jimmy Zurek (vocals, lyrics) and Robert Schwarz (sound design, guitars) are inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, "the poetry of Heiner Müller, Johnny Cash’s ‘speed’, and the dark rockabilly heartbeat..." such as they are stating on their MySpace-site.

Time and Place
Time and place inspire designers for new collections such as a Spanish design duo that is working on the rural United States clothing style. The result is a mysterious Twin Peaks-Laura Palmer outfit. Or the Lebanese designer Noor Fares who is inspired by her Middle Eastern heritage. Journalists on the other hand, chronicle what happens on these places at certain times; such as 'Cronotopo'...

Short Message 19/4/2010 - Website that offers an insight into Thailand's textile and fashion
The directory of Thai fashion and textile is using Google maps, videos, photo showcases of the products, you can learn about the history of the companies, etc. was launched at Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair, BIFF & BIL 2010 in early April. The designers of the search tool (company names, product categories, keywords, description, geo-location map) followed the needs of buyers and sellers, suppliers, product and service providers - even those who are not familiar with the computer.

Short Message 18/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music-video tip: 'Acapella' by Kelis from the new album 'Flesh Tone' (release May 2010). The new video for the dance-music track by US singer Kelis, produced by David Guetta, was this week the favorite free video at US iTunes. Kelis is known for her extraordinary outfits and hairstyles; but also for her punky-provocative songs such as 'Caught Out There' or 'Bossy' which have already got attention - even from feminists who love humour. 'Acapella' is dedicated to her son.

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Short Message 17/4/2010 - Fashionoffice's 'Green' website tip: 'Track my T' advices how to reduce the Carbon Footprint
Just received the information about the US t-shirt label Anvil's website on that provides an insight into certified cotton, textile production, advices to reduce the Carbon Footprint and offers a tool for tracking the own Anvil-t-shirt by tipping in the number from the 'Tracking label' which is sewn into shirts since 14 August 2009; at the first step into kid-shirts. Anvil announces that the tracking code will be included into other products in the near future.

Short Message 16/4/2010 - Music video tip: garage-rock by 'The Soft Pack' with stars from the movie 'Kick Ass'
California based Mean Magazine has just released a new 'mean' video with Chloë Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Clark Duke from the movie 'Kick Ass' for the track 'Answer To Yourself' by the LA garage-rock band 'The Soft Pack'. The concept of 'Mean Video', so the title of the magazine's mash-up production, is to work with movie material and bring it into a new context. Director of the video is the publisher of the magazine, Kashy Khaledi. On the website of Mean Magazine, you can find mash-ups to 'Carrie', 'Tron', 'Dirty Dancing'...

What's after?
The environmental conscience causes several projects through April. The Fashionoffice 'After Sun'-style with pieces by Dado Sens, p2, HM, Viteo... follows the idea.

Short Message 15/4/2010 - The largest worldwide water initiative 'Live Earth Run for Water' on 18 April! Fashionoffice just received the invitation to the Live Earth Run for Water in Berlin; six kilometres (many women and kids have to walk that distance to get water) running (you can even walk!) to make aware that we as a global community can improve access to clean, safe water for millions of people by changing our behaviour. The map on shows you the nearest run/walk. They will run in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal, Amsterdam, Vienna, Zagreb, Auckland, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, New Delhi, Bermuda, Buenos Aires, Burkina Faso, Mauritius...

Short Message 15/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'No Kinda Man' by the Canadian electronic-esoteric duo Junior Boys. Fashionoffice has found the track by listening the Berlin based 'Get Physical' dancefloor label-radio while searching for more information on Booka Shade's new album 'More!' - the first track 'Bad Love' is published on MySpace (release in April, the album comes out in April/May). The Junior Boys have contributed the single 'No Kinda Man' already in 2008 to the 'Physical’s Body Language mix series'

On earth, water, and in the air; Men's Travel Style SS2010
Combining three elements (earth, water, air) in one outfit: fashion by Tu Felix Austria, Alpha Industries for Breitling, Peak Performance, Napapijri, Manuel Bozzi, Timberland; beauty by Sebastian, DKNY...

Short Message 13/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'Dog Days Are Over' by Brit Award 2010 Winner Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) from the album 'Lungs'. The video premiered in March 2010; the single 'Dog Days Are Over' came out on 11th April. The 60ies-tribal styled video shows Florence in a nature-ceremony alike dance. On her website, she is described as the "the raven haired Flo".

Look Twice! Beach Style SS2010
What's the difference between fashion and product design?

Exclusive travel; Earth Style SS2010
Sometimes fashion is like music; you have to feel it. Fashion by Ray Ban, Falke, Alex and Chloe/seen at Kabiri, Vaude, Timberland; beauty by John Varvatos, Paul Mitchell...

Articles about Make up For Ever, Chanel, Ritu Kumar, IBM, Vanessa Beecroft, Triumph International... gained the most interest in March 2010
The statistics of the different media Web, Mobile, and Feeds give an insight into user preferences...

Short Message 11/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: Downtempo-relaxing 'The Keeper' by the British musician, DJ, producer Bonobo featuring Andreya Triana from the new album 'Black Sands' (Ninja Tune, March 2010). On several websites, especially young singer Andreya Triana's elegant voice is mentioned to make the best tracks on the album. The singer announces on MySpace the release of her debut album on 23 August 2010 on Ninja Tune records, produced by Bonobo.

Inspired by a man on a rocket; Women Style SS2010
"Starting something, thought it could be fun; I started something, couldn't go wrong" sings Alison Goldfrapp in 'Rocket' from the new album 'Head First'. The accompanying video is very amusing... But it's the second video on her website, 'Caravan Girl' showing a woman skateboarding along a coast that has inspired the clothing-style of this article...

Short Message 8/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Twist' by the British electronic-pop duo Goldfrapp from the album 'Black Cherry' (2003)
On 23 March, Goldfrapp (singer/songwriter Alison Goldfrapp and producer/musician Will Gregory) have released the album 'Head First' with new songs in 1980s synthpop style. On their website, the duo announces a competition to win a customised 'Head First' iPod Touch! Goldfrapp is on tour: 7 Jun Oxford, 11 Jun Moscow, 21 Jun Washington, 23 Jun New York, 27 Jun Hollywood... to name a few.

Men's mental and physical power
The new collections for spring/summer 2010 show rebellious wild men. Fashion by Bogner, Canada Goose, Alexander McQueen Puma, Persol, Manuel Bozzi;
beauty by Sebastian...

Short Message 7/4/2010 - 'Protect me from what I want' Jenny Holzer's refrain on a sport racing car
In 1999, Jenny Holzer applied her saying on a sport racing car (BMW V12 LMR) by invitation of the BMW Art Car Project. One year later, her car started at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Today, BMW announces that Jeff Koons' BMW Art Car will start at the 24 Hours race of Le Mans (12 to 13 June). Some days before the race - on 1st June, Jeff Koons' car will premiere at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In the 35th year of the BMW art-tradition, the New York artist follows Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jenny Holzer... to name a few. Jeff Koons' work in bold colors on black is inspired by the history of car races, light explosions and speed.

Short Message 7/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Tighten Up' by The Black Keys from the new album 'Brothers' (release on 18 May). The Black Keys are the Ohio-based singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. One of their trademarks is that they refuse to use big-name studios and mostly record, produce, and mix themselves. You can hear their music such as 'Set You Free' on the soundtrack of the movie 'School of Rock' (2003), ‘Girl is on My Mind’ in a Sony Ericsson advertising (2006), 'The Desperate Man' in a Victoria’s Secret commercial (2006) featuring Heidi Klum, their song 'Your Touch' was used in a Lee jeans commercial (2007). The Black Keys are performing from April - June in US, on 23 June the Europe-tour starts.

Short Message 6/4/2010 - Art-music video 'Working Girl' for Amon Tobin's 'Proper Hoodidge'
Corine Stübi directed, produced, and played the main role in the music video 'Working Girl' for the track of the electronic jazz/bossa-nova/jungle music of the Brazilian, now in Montreal living Ninja Tune musician Amon Tobin (named himself after a Stephen King novel). She produced 'Working Girl' during her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2004. Corine Stübi's underground/horror/gender-video got attention at the 50th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen: "This works shows a promising multi-talented director, cinematographer, and actress. It is both ironic and commited." On, Corine Stübi describes her approach to the work on this video: "Working Girls are automata / robots / clones who know only one thing: how to do their job. ..."

Short Message 5/4/2010 - Musician who samples her own sound live on stage - by herself
The video shows the 'one-woman-band' and sound-experimentalist Theresa Andersson (raised in Sweden, now living in New Orleans) who uses - for example, wine glasses instead of a keyboard. The video 'Oh Mary' shows her live at Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans, composing the effects with two pedals while her hands play guitar or violin. The DVD from the concert will be released in mid-April. Theresa Andersson has announced a special concert and DVD release party at the Le Petit Theatre on 24 April.

Eyes wide open! Vienna Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Nude bathing in summer is a theme in Vienna. The city has a long tradition in 'Nudity Culture', which has nothing to do with showing sexuality but with experiencing nature and its healing effects...

From deconstructing male style to the boyfriend look
Society changes - and the language of fashion too. Since around two years, especially jeans-designers have pioneered the streets with the idea of the 'boyfriend look'. Now, the term can be found for spring/summer 2010 even in the look books of higher fashion. 'City Style' with fashion by St. Emile, Diesel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, beauty by Paul Mitchell...

Fashionoffice Trendletter: Green style; Female body
The Fashionoffice Trendletter 'April 2010 - I' is about the exhibition 'Klimakapseln' which questions how we will survive the future by showing around 25 examples of clothing- and living-capsules; Fashionoffice's 'Low Carbon Culture' strategies; the challenges of designers caused by the changes of the female body; images of women...

Short Message 3/4/2010 - Fashionoffice dirty-broken-beats and vintage samples dance-music tip: 'Making Up A Changing Mind' by Pretty Lights aka Colorado based Derek Vincent Smith. Since 2006, the electronic music producer is recording albums and releases them for free on the internet

Short Message 3/4/2010 - Amusing pink bed
"Not a bed for the small apartment dweller..." has written Regina Yunghans on in March 2008. The amusing pink bed was already exhibited at the Sean Kelly gallery in February 2008. Now, the New York based gallery announces that the pink bed 'Montaña Rusa' in roller coaster style (Montana Rusa means Russian Mountain and signifies 'roller coaster' in Spanish) by the Havana (Cuba) art-duo 'Los Carpinteros' (Marco Antonio Castillo Valdés, Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez) travels to the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs in New York (10 April to 7 August 2010).

Short Message 2/4/2010 - Fashion video, starring a man in jeans who dances through the city
The Swedish label 'Tiger of Sweden' (founded 1903, since 2000 it has an own jeans line, which is designed by Johan Schalin und Sofia Jönsson) has invited nine directors to the project 'The Night Stories' to create up to 3 minute short films. The nine movies will be shown on until 30 June 2010. The story of all the videos is: What happens with the jeans at night?

Short Message 2/4/2010 - Green Showroom at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin
The video from the Green Showroom at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski during the Berlin Fashion Week shows the SS2010 collection presented by dancers in a modern performance. With the Green Showroom, the two designers Magdalena Schaffrin and Jana Keller have realized their idea to apply a luxurious touch to 'Green' products. Additionally to their own collections, they are selecting the pieces of other designers who are following the same idea. From 7 - 10 July 2010, the Green Showroom will present again various designers from fashion, accessories, cosmetics, and lifestyle in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. The traveling showroom's next stop after Berlin is Paris, New York is in planning;

Short Message 2/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Gravity's Angel' by Laurie Anderson from the album 'Mister Heartbreak' (1984). The video from the concert film 'Home of the Brave' shows US musician Laurie Anderson and Adrian Belew (guitarist of King Crimson) on stage. The album opens with the track 'Sharkey's Day' and closes with the track 'Sharkey's Night'. On Sharkey's Night, the lyrics are read by the American novelist William S. Burroughs; his most prominent work is 'Naked Lunch'. 'Gravity's Angel' is inspired by Thomas Pynchon's novel 'Gravity's Rainbow'.

Short Message 1/4/2010 - Fashion video about London Pirate Radios
'The platforms change again with the internet, but the spirit of pirate radio lives on with the DJs and artists!' is the conclusio of the video, produced by the French boots label Palladium. It leads you to secret radio stations in London, you can learn why the transmitter and the studio shouldn't be on one place, and what makes the radio makers in the 60s moving into the rusting anti-aircraft towers in the Thames. When the authorities shut them down, pirate sounds went underground. Today, the London 'pirates' reach people across the world.

Short Message 1/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: spiritual electro-punk 'Galaxy Man' by Solex vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer from the album Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown (18 May). Solex (aka Dutch sample artist and singer Elisabeth Esselink) and the punk musicians Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer are cooperating for this album. The song has mantra capabilities! Fashionoffice received the music tip with the words: "Elisabeth, Cristina and Jon - they understand. May we all follow their lead and join hands across the world as we look skywards and contemplate our place in the universe. And as we stand united, let us shake our collective ass."

Changes of the female body and design; Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz
Soon after the fashion-talk started, the Italian dessous and beachwear designer Rosanna Ansaloni and the journalists focused on the body of women. Has the body changed, what has changed, and why has the body changed?...

Pioneers of new images
The self-ironical works by Birgit Jürgenssen, the female stereotypes by US artist Cindy Sherman, or Nil Yalter from Turkey who focuses on migration and the effects on the cultural identity of females...

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