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Women on motorcycles

If women or men should drive on motorcycles doesn't evoke any discussions in most countries while some societies still work on tolerating 'football and women'.

But the individual cultural development is not only country-specific. You can even find in Central European countries men and women who think at first of Britney Spears in 'I Love Rock'n'Roll' as soon as it comes to 'motorcycles and women'. And yes - why not! Britney Spears is great in this video!

Video: 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' by Britney Spears from the album 'Britney'. Originally, the song was written by the male band 'The Arrows' in the 70s. In the 80s, it was covered by Joan Jett who brought in the motorcycle-style. The style succeeds - and without doubt - with much more sexiness, in Britney Spears' interpretation from 2002.

fig.: original beginning with the woman in the...

Collarless black leather jacket and striped boatneck tee by Levi's from the fall/winter 2010/11 collection. Photo: Stephanie Solinas. Amy is styled by Celestine Cooney into Levi's 'Slim Boyfriend Raven'-jeans. 'Raven' is the name of the finishing which looks as colored with grey-black coaldust. Over-colorings with purple or lilac are main themes in the jeans collection which is inspired by idols from several decades: the 60s, 70s, 80s; truckers as well as rock-punks or college rebels are represented. Amy on this page wears the college rebellion style, proclaiming non-conformism with rock'n'roll attitude. For the modern rebel in fall/winter 2010/11, Levi's advices slim fitting jeans with decorative rivets, short vests and bomber jackets.

The 'Serie Carolina'-bikini shows white dots on blue with red straps; seen at Calzedonia, SS2010.

Rainboot in military red from the 'April Showers' Collection by Burberry, SS2010. Burberry released for the new 'April Showers' collection a video with a song originally from the 70s in an interpretation by the British ska-band 'Madness' from the early 80s.

Special Vespa retro-edition 'LX Touring' by Piaggio, SS2010. Photo: (C) J. Faber GmbH. In April 2010, the Vienna based scooter and bike shop Faber presented Piaggio's newest special edition. The LX Touring is a retro-Vespa in the very lively earth tones 'Terra di Toscana'. It comes in 50 and 125 ccm. The jet helmet 'Vespa Copter' on top of this page is designed especially for the new edition.

Sunglasses EA 9633s in midnight blue 80s style by Emporio Armani, SS2010.

Ball bag by Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture, SS2010. Photo: (C) Black and Light Studios. For SS2010, Antwerp and Milan based designer Dirk Bikkembergs' passion for football is reflected by a series of leather ball-bags in fire-red/black and earthy dark-brown.

Targeted Protection Stick SPF 35 by Clinique, SS2010. The stick is designed for the usage on the ears, nose, the thin skin around the eyes, and especially the lips (they are not protected by melanin such as other parts of skin!). The stick fits perfectly into handbags and can be used the whole day through.

Ring made of white-gold from the 'Lovepods'-series by Pandora, SS2010. The designers Mads Trolle and Lee Anthony had been inspired by nature and its harmony. The ring can be worn in combination with another ring from the series. The form of the pieces causes that they merge together.

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