Democratic principle of a free and independent news and information market

The 'eco-system internet' is built upon the conviction of the self-regulating competence of its users. Fashionoffice is following this concept from its earliest online study in 1995 and the beginning of the magazine in 1996. Today, Fashionoffice has installed internationally used and accredited statistical tools and advertising technologies which are committed to this democratic principle of a free and independent news and information market.

Find below the geographical data of Fashionoffice in March 2011 (distribution: 148 countries; delivered by Doubleclick for Publishers) compared to data from February 2011.

1 - 31 March 2011 (Country, Impressions)
United States 56,238; Austria 51,316; Germany 23,880; United Kingdom 22,490; South Korea 10,107; Canada 9,326; Netherlands 9,018; France 8,736; Italy 8,379; China 7,295; India 7,106; Australia 7,031; Poland 6,176; Brazil 6,173; Spain 5,883; Russian Federation 5,510; Switzerland 4,682; Hong Kong 4,597; Turkey 4,291; Belgium 4,179;...

1 - 28 February 2011 (Country, Impressions)
Germany 120,777; United States 53,925; Austria 48,265; United Kingdom 23,168; South Korea 9,792; Canada 8,930; France 7,826; Netherlands 7,318; Italy 7,059; India 6,197; Brazil 6,165; Australia 5,753; China 5,529; Russian Federation 5,239; Thailand 4,993; Poland 4,932; Spain 4,682; Switzerland 4,212; Mexico 3,820; Turkey 3,575;...

Source of the Impressions/Inventory (incl. 320x50 Mobile Leaderboard): DoubleClick for Publishers.
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Note about the variations (minus 80%) concerning the country 'Germany': Fashionoffice has checked the reliability of the data several times even on occasion of similar variations; according to officials and authorities of the internet, the variations have to be explained from the view of internet as an eco-system which is regulating itself.


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*Data are measured on the inventory pages of and its special channels only. Not all content pages are carrying inventory. The inventories of the Fashion Feeds and the Mobile Site are not included. The eMail-Trendletter has no inventory slots.


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