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Video: "Circus" by Britney Spears

Britney Spears sings in her song 'Circus':

"I'm like the ringleader
I call the shots
I'm like a firecracker
I make it hot
then i put on a show"

The text summarizes in short words the most important fascination of the Fashion Circus. Fashion should have a message, be practical and comfortable - and it should be above all easy and sexy!

But some designers are critical against this Fashion Circus and question the seasonal rotations that are produced by the machinery of the circus. Wouldn't it be better if designers work like artists and produce new collections to realise ideas without the pressure of the 'new'? Is it really important that we have each season new trends?

Sülzkotelett and PYG are following this 'think school'. They have presented seasonal unlimited ideas in Aachen (Germany)

In a similar way the designers of Liniert are approaching the Fashion Circus. They had shown two collections at the Vienna Fashion Week. The report about the week begins with a "... ride on my scooter along the Ringstrasse to 'The Ring'..." Read the story Tour de la Mode!

fig.: I shot this picture in the Viennese Prater. When I was a child I was fascinated by the roundabout. Today I think more about the horses' running in the circle - - but probably they would be meat loaf instead., Media Information:

Oct 2009
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The NPO & NGO opens its academic research program for supporting partners.

Oct 2009
The ‘Memorized-Data’-hypothesis

Fashionoffice's statistics of the most viewed articles from July to September and high ranking keywords verify the hypothesis that memorized data gain more attention. Publishers and advertisers have to calculate the impact of editorial content as well as online-campaigns with a new factor: the unprogressive data...

Sept 2009
The attention of web users
Fashionoffice has collected traffic data delivered by Google Analytics to find out how much influence the RSS Feeds, Trendletters, online and offline advertising etc. have on the virtual consciousness of web users....

Aug 2009
Measuring editorial content and its effects on search engines
Fashionoffice publishes the top ranking editorial pages on the magazine’s main URLs through July 2009. The statistical data are delivered by Google Analytics...

by publisher Karin Sawetz


In September and October the Fashion Circus is on tour in Europe and US to show what's hot and trendy next summer!

The Fashion Circus!

Barcelona, Milano, New York, London, Paris... are the cities in September and October where the Fashion Circus hits the catwalks with new ideas for spring/summer 2010.

In Barcelona, the designers Jan Zamora and Alfonso Peña of the Spanish label Jan iú Més presented a collection with strong focus on men's legs. Fashionoffice wanted to know: What’s about the sexiness of men’s legs in our times?

The UK shoe brand Beyond Skin has shown the new collection at the 'Estethica' during London Fashion Week. The spring/summer 2010 lookbook opens with the quotation of Mahatma Ghandi: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.

The 25th anniversary of the London Fashion Week was celebrated with a party hosted by Burberry. Video screens served party-comments from social media sites including Twitter and Facebook; a YouTube-user has commented the music selection for his/her catwalk movie with "[ Sorry about audio track ]"

The reflection of the Fashion Circus' spotlight ... builds our culture.

The ones who are in the spotlights of the Fashion Circus will be in the media and consequently more or less part of our culture. This fact becomes obvious by measuring search-results for labels or top ranking keywords. Fashionoffice publishes the magazine's statistics of the most viewed articles and high ranking keywords.

With the studies by Fashionoffice (since 2006), the hypothesis that memorized data gain more attention is verifized. The democratic process of building opinions has to be monitored and analyzed by the appropriate sciences with the aim to elaborate new communication theories based on these new aspects of the media reality of today.

Exercising a critical mind
New trends are worth to think about. The Festival Steirischer Herbst asks 'Do trends influence and change us personally and the society?'. You can join the art-exercises 'The Trend Is Your Friend' from 26 Sept until 8 Nov 2009 at the Medienkunstlabor in Graz.

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