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30 March 2024

AI-generated images to showcase apparel: German fashion brand Marc Cain introduces its first AI-powered campaign

Earlier this year, Marc Cain rolled out a range of upcycled bags made from the tarpaulins of a fashion tent used to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary last year (article). The bags were produced in collaboration with sustainability specialist Vaude. The focus was on calculating emissions at every stage of production. Now the brand, which is one of the top companies in the German fashion industry, has jumped on the AI bandwagon. Marc Cain is once again going for fashion - in both the narrower and broader sense - and is giving a first glimpse of what the new collection AW2024 and AI-generated campaign images will look like.

This week Marc Cain published the latest press information on and with a preview image showing three models in a field of flowers. The image is according to the press release from the Autumn/Winter 2024 campaign, which will be launched in June.

The campaign motto 'Blend Boundaries' is visualized with a computer-generated scene that includes models and a field of flowers that matches the colors and prints of the women's clothing presented. A blend that blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality. Marc Cain offers a glimpse into the making of: The campaign designers used an AI text-to-image program that translated the conceptual descriptions into photo-realistic images, complete with all elements, including the flower fields and models. Only the clothing represents real Marc Cain outfits created in the studio.

Photo: Marc Cain GmbH.

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