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TRENDLETTER 22-January-2024

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Trend No Alcohol; Couture Award; New Exhibitions; AI Chatbot's Fashion Quiz;...

Trend to non-alcoholic wine, cocktails,...
Non-alcoholic aperitifs, cocktails and wines are trending. Austria's wine specialist Wein & Co presented new products such as alcohol-free wine from the Viennese winery Mayer am Pfarrplatz. In the EU statistics on alcohol consumption, Austria is among the top countries with the highest number of liters per person. But the OECD health statistics show a positive trend towards less alcohol consumption worldwide over the years - also in Austria. The trend has already reached the wine trade. Wein & Co, one of Austria's specialist wine retailers, introduced a range of non-alcoholic products...

Presentation Haute Couture Award winners
Presentation of the Haute Couture Austria Award 2023 Winners of the competition for full-length gowns on the theme 'Antibes' with fabric designed by the artist Peter Baldinger. Ball gowns are a major fashion topic in Austria during the Viennese ball season. Recently, the Haute Couture Austria Awards celebrated the winners and their creations of its 20th anniversary competition at the Heidi Horten Collection in Vienna. The floor-length couture gowns, created by tailors from the Federal Guild of Fashion and Clothing Technology, were inspired by the theme 'Antibes'...

Fashion, design at MAK Museum 2024/25
MAK Program Preview 2024/25: Save-the-dates for exhibitions of fashion, art and design, including a show of artworks by Helmut Lang in Los Angeles. joined the live stream of the MAK Museum of Applied Arts press conference on the occasion of MAK Director Lilli Hollein's presentation of the program 2024 with a view to 2025. The save-the-dates include the exhibition 'Fashion & Photography', '(Con)temporary Fashion Showcase', or the 'Helmut Lang' exhibition at the Schindler House in Los Angeles - in case happens to be in California...

Humanic X Vienna State Ballet
Vienna Insight: Humanic presented shoes for the Vienna Opera Ball with dancers from the Vienna State Ballet The Couture Salon of the Vienna Opera Ball hosted the presentation of the gowns created by three designers for 15 dancers of the Vienna State Ballet such as first soloist Ketevan Papava...

Cytara's quiz about the history of fashion
Cytara's quiz about the history of clothing and fashion Greeting randomly generated on January 21. generated the image of Cytara on January 21, 2023 using Microsoft Bing, Image Creator from Designer powered by DALL-E 3. The picture shows Cytara sitting in the reading room of a library. She sits at a table with a classic green Art Nouveau reading lamp and reads a book with fashion illustrations from past centuries.

Cytara,'s AI Chatbot: "Hello! My name is Cytara, and I am the AI chatbot for the users of the magazine I'm here to talk about fashion, culture, art, and design. If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to learn or discuss, feel free to ask! Now, let's dive into a quiz on the history of clothing and fashion..."

Strohboid presented new chalet
Mountain Chalet in compact design for the connection with nature. The Austrian company Strohboid presented its latest design for wooden constructions. The latest design from the Austrian company Strohboid seems to bring the practicality of a Swiss knife to a cabin made for the Alps. The 'Mountain Chalet' includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, closets, dining area and a roofed terrace...

Where to go in Vienna?
Where to go in Vienna? To find destinations, the ivie app - with about one million downloads since 2020 - is very likely a good source. The first time mentioned the 'ivie' app was on the occasion of Pride Month 2022, when the Vienna Tourist Board offered a special discovery tour under the motto 'Through Vienna on the Rainbow'. Over the next two years, the app continued to grow, both in terms of content and users. At the beginning of 2024, the digital city guide, which won gold at the iab webAd 2021 Awards by iab Austria in the category 'Best Website, App and E-Commerce', has reached almost one million downloads. In 2024, the app's growth continues with the new 'Heartbeat Streets' guide...

Hypotonic or isotonic sports drink?
Hypotonic or isotonic sports drink? New sports drink made from Austrian Alpine water and black tea was presented by Peeroton, official supplier of the Austrian Olympic Team, with nutrition tip. New sports drink made from Austrian Alpine water and black tea was presented by Peeroton, official supplier of the Austrian Olympic Team, with nutrition tip. In the press release, the company explained the difference between hypotonic and isotonic sports drinks and added some statistics and a calculation of calories burned...

Hanro celebrates 140 years
Vorarlberg Insight: Hanro celebrates its 140th anniversary with the 'Hedy' collection in honor of inventor and Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr Over the decades, the brand's products have appeared in Hollywood films, such as in the famous scene where Marilyn Monroe stands on the subway grate in 'The Seven Year Itch'. As the breeze lifted her dress, she was wearing Hanro underwear. Or the film 'Eyes Wide Shut', in which Nicole Kidman wore an iconic top from the brand. Now, another star from the heart of the movie industry plays the lead role in the 140th anniversary campaign...

Jewish Museum 'October 7, 2023' window
Vienna Insight: Artworks titled 'October 7, 2023' by Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi in the public window of the Jewish Museum Vienna The Jewish Museum Vienna, located in Dorotheergasse in the city's first district, is currently exhibiting a series of paintings by Ukrainian-Israeli artist Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi (born in 1976 in Kiev, emigrated to Israel with her family in 1991) in one from the street freely accessible windows. Entitled 'October 7, 2023,' the artworks artistically depict the attack on Israel...

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18 Jan 2024 - Tyrol Insight: Video 'The Streif' showing Fabio Wibmer in Kitzbühel. The events on the Streif in Kitzbühel in the run-up to the upcoming ski race are legendary. After Max Verstappen (2016), Lindsey Vonn (2023),... it's Austrian cyclist and Youtuber Fabio Wibmer who has taken up the challenge. Red Bull presented the video with an interview with Fabio Wibmer, who says when asked about his preparation: "...There are hardly any slopes that you can test this on because nothing comes close to the Streif. But I trained a lot in the snow and we were able to test some of the jumps...."

18 Jan 2024 - British Vogue on Margaret Qualley dancing in the Bleachers' 'Tiny Moves' video

18 Jan 2024 - Apple TV presented the trailer for 'The New Look' with Ben Mendelsohn as Christian Dior, Juliette Binoche as Coco Chanel, John Malkovich as Lucien Lelong,... (release of the TV series on February 14th).

18 Jan 2024 - Video: Paris Fashion Week, Day 1, insights from Ukrainian, Paris-based fashion filmmaker Vovka Kozubskyi

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