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MUSIC selection July 2008

Video: "Kilometer", album 'Sexuality' 2008; directed by Mickaël Apélian.

Elegant pop francaise The video was realised in a center for "Re-Education"; the actors in this video are the patients of the center. Sophie is the head of the handicapped group. She dances in front ...

The sale of Sebastien Tellier’s new album "Sexuality", produced by Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk), started with an exclusive American Apparel garment created for the first single "Sexual Sportswear"


New York City based French electro musician elodieO's new album "Stubborn" will be released on 19 August 2008.

"Stubborn" by elodieO
Electro 60s Nico-esque down-tempo songs about love

New York City based French electro musician elodieO's new album "Stubborn" will be released on 19 August 2008. elodieO sings, has composed and arranged all tracks on the album with the exception of two re-arranged songs of by Serge Gainsbourg and The Cure. Read more>>>

"Grave" by French Mademoiselle K from the new album "Jamais la paix" (released in May 2008). Enjoy the strong-willed voice of singer and guitar player Katerine Gierak alias Mademoiselle K!

Check out tour dates (Paris, Biarritz, Budapest, ... ), music

Video "You Belong" (guest voice Antony) from the new CD by Hercules and Love Affair. In the second week of July "You Belong" comes into recordstores in UK. On the CD you will find 3 different versions of "You Belong" and the track "I'm telling you". Check out tour dates, more info, download the tracks

Mother Nature Spiritual Dance Music "Rainbowarriors" from the album "The Adventures Of Ghosthorse & Stillborn" (released in April 2007; Touch & Go Records) by CocoRosie, the American half-Cherokee sisters Sierra (Rosie) and Bianca (Coco) Casady. Bianca and Sierra are currently working on the follow up album, slated for release in 2009. Check out their brand new single "God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me"; available in Europe and US since mid May 2008. This summer they are on tour in Europe.

Ever heard original Viennese music?
The sensual voice of Eva Jantschitsch aka Gustav combined with black humor and sarcasm on great composed electronic arrangements gives you a very good impression of contemporary original Viennese music. Gustav sings in English, French, and German.

"Total Quality Woman" from the new album "Verlass die Stadt" by Gustav (released on Chicks on Speed Records in mid-May 2008). Gustav is the name of the label by Viennese musician Eva Jantschitsch; she composes music for theater, movies, iPods, and produces songs on her laptop. The video shows Gustav performing on the stage (Oliver Stotz, guitar/Elise Mory, keyboards) at the Krems Donaufestival in April 2008. Check out the new album, tour dates 


"Roll over" with the great voice of guest singer Sabirajade from the album "When Robots Go Bad!" (released in June 2007) by the UK duo Hexstatic, DJ Robin Brunson and VJ Stuart Warren Hill.

Live-Performance: Electro transformed into Visuals
Since 1997 Hexstatic presents Audio Visual acts in spectacular shows around the globe. On 9th August 2008 you can enjoy the visual art with dancefloor music at the "roomservice", a telephone party(!!!) at the Club Planetarium in Vienna with tablephones all over the place, chocolate cakes, haircuts & styling, massage under the stars, ...
Check out tour dates (UK, Austria, Romania, ... ), music

electro/rave made for dancefloors from the Viennese underground
"All That Sex" by Bunny Lake
(video directed & edited by Suk & Koch, NYCBlues)
On 4th July 2008 the international „artist driven brand“ Advanced Minority (more than 150 artists with base in Barcelona & Vienna) presents its work for the poolbar festival at the "Advanced Minority Artwalk" with live-sound by the Viennese underground band Bunny Lake in Vorarlberg, Austria. Check out more about the event>

Australian Music Award winning track “Just a song about ping pong” by the Australian teen rock group Operator Please with cheeky looking leader of the quintet, singer, guitarist and composer Amandah Wilkinson. The group was founded in 2005 following a music competition at their high school. This year they are in concert at the Roxy Jam in Biarritz. More about the event>

"wHen life" by French singer Sliimy "who sings since she was born" tours in Paris. On the myspace-site of the pop-soul, electro-folk musician you can read about her name Sliimy (free translated) "The both "ii" are just to make you smile:)", "Les deux "ii" c’est juste pour faire sourire :)"; like her music. Check out

Rock, Blues and Soul
"He's gone" (a gorgeously defiant statement of lost love) from the new album "Weather's coming..." by Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws (released 2008)
"I wanted the sound of the album to be dirty enough to represent the quirkiness of those caracteristics, so with Marc Collin we got some crazy horns, ghostly vibraphones, edgy guitars and tribal drums together to capture that mood. After six weeks of this kitchen work the album was then mixed by Oz Fritz, in San Francisco. Oz had mixed 'Mule variations' by Tom Waits... He managed to give the album its edge. This album dramatises the elements I love most about our world: people and their ways, what makes us so undeniably us. We are a never ending source of emotions, feelings, reactions, disturbances and surprises.» Phoebe Killdeer about "Wheater's coming..." Phoebe Killdeer about the new album

More about the album, Phoebe Killdeer,...

"drown" by ddd
. The ddd EP was released mid-July 2008 with the tracks: Drown / Concentration / Spiral.
ddd aka darryl woollaston plays the guitars, the drum machine, and spends his voice. Check out tour dates, the new tracks,... The fashion brand Dreamandawake by Amanda Ericcson presented in May 2008 the fashionable video clip. More about the making of the music clip>

Run to Safety "Being Watched"

"Being Watched" from the album "We As Monsters" by the French group Run To Safety (Romain Bevillard/guitar, keyboards, voice; Charles Aubert/ bass, clarinet; Lucie Changeur/voice, keyboards, other sounds; Yann Pajean/drums, percussions), released on 1st November 2007 by Etoa Label, is a subtle melange of a Pink Floyd/Radiohead electro sound and guitars which carry sometimes melancholy, sometimes pain; and then there is this storytelling clarinet from somewhere far away ... Run to Safety, check it out


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