christoph nardeaux
contemporary clothing
Lindengasse 5/4
Austria-1070 Vienna
tel +43 1 924 66 21
mobil +43 664 234 15 70
fax +43 1 924 66 22

  • Women´s wear
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..., born 1974 in Salzburg/ Austria, launched his label in vienna in april 1997. besides his education at the fashion school of vienna he sampled influences at Parsons/ New York. His work began with a special AIDS- project when he printed the biochemical process on shirts and dresses (pix). after other projects and several fashion shows he is selling his collections for men and women (pix) in Austria and Germany now.

Creditanstalt, Salzburg July 2000
Szene, Salzburg August 1997
Cocktail Bar Schulz, Vienna July 1998
Fashion Night, Palais Eschenbach/ Vienna, January 1999 (pix)

Chactun Cyberstore, Kirchengasse 25, A-1070 Vienna,
Bluma, Hauptplatz 15-16, A-4020 Linz
Acci Selek, Hauptplatz 17, A-4020 Linz
World´s End, Wolf- Dietrichstr. 6, A-5020 Salzburg
Chapoclac, Hauptstr. 45, D-83395 Freilassing
B.six, Bolzstr. 6, D-70173 Stuttgart
Imperial, Tübingerstr. 12, D-70179 Stuttgart
PJ different, Tübingerstr. 12, D-70178 Stuttgart

press contact:
Verena Fischer
Halbgasse 9/12, A-1070 Vienna
+43 664 191 47 40

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