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spring/summer 2010
fall/winter 2010/11

fashion by Bruno Banani, Tiberius, Sloth Clothing, Diesel, Y-3
beauty by Estée Lauder

Not for fashion-victims!

The jeans, shirt, jewellery and underwear look almost inconspicuous in this Fashionoffice combination. This styling is not for fashion-victims! It's a collection of pieces that provide an elemental story, a sexy idea, a punky spirit...

fig.: original beginning with the woman in...

'Hemoglobin' underwear set of bra and panty in pastel-rosé mille-fleurs print in 80ies retro-look by Bruno Banani, FW2010/11. The German underwear label Bruno Banani has chosen a scenery for the shooting of the new collection that makes no sense - on the first sight. Why is the woman standing in a natural history or arctic study museum? This is unconventional. Even the name of the underwear set 'Hemoglobin' - a protein that makes our body able to breath, is -- strange for a bra and panty. The press release, which was sent with the images, gives no information about this setting showing an ice bear, a geographical map, a directory of some selected animals, and the fake-snow on which the woman is standing or why Bruno Banani has named the set 'Hemoglobin'. Was the team of Bruno Banani inspired by environmental ideas about the arctic ice and the eco-system on the poles and its importance for the whole life-system of the earth?

Fashionoffice has not inquired any more information about the collection; what the image and the set-name seem to tell is pretty 'elemental' enough.

'Flowerfish' necklace made of fish scales, onyx and garnets by Tiberius, SS2010. Photo: (C) Verena Podewinski. The necklace is from the debut jewellery collection by Marcos Valenzuela (born in Bogota, Columbia), who is the designer of the Viennese fashion line 'Tiberius'. In the early 90ies, Tiberius opened the boutique in the Lindengasse. Since 2004, the fetish-fashion shop presents own collections under the label 'Tiberius'. In 2007, Tiberius started to collect exclusive collections from other designers alongside to its accessories and toys. Marcos Valenzuela was inspired for this necklace by 'a few color and much movement'.

'Hushy' 5pocket jeans by Diesel, FW2010/11. The beige embroidery-like stitching of the wholes enhances the 3D impression of the jeans. A punky spirit! Diesel writes about this collection: "The new FW10 collection promotes DIY and spontaneity as a form of rebellion against the dull conformity."

Pleasures Bloom by Estée Lauder, SS2010.
The designers of the fragrance captured the idea of simple moments and the experience of new pleasures in a fruity-floral scent. Pleasures Bloom is developed from the classical Estée Lauder fragrance 'Pleasures', but is composed from more playful notes of fruits and blossoms. Pleasures Bloom represents the active, modern woman. Craig McDean has photographed model Hilary Rhoda - already known as Estée Lauder-model, in a setting that is a signature for the 'Pleasures'-campaigns: a woman who enjoys relaxing in a field with flowers.

T-shirt by 'Sloth Clothing', SS2010. In June 2010, the Brighton (UK) based fashion community including freelance designers, stylists and pattern cutters, 'Brighton Fresh' launched its own street wear label 'Sloth Clothing' for women and men. The Sloth Clothing collection is designed by 'Brighton Fresh'-founder Jonathan Mitchell, who has worked before as designer for Puma. Sloth Clothing will debut at the Margin Trade Show in London on 1st and 2nd August 2010.

Ring in gold with rosé and blue stones by Ciro, SS2010. Photo: (C) Ciro.

Torsion Heel by the collaborative brand of Yohji Yamamoto and adidas 'Y-3', FW2010/11.

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