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What has inspired Fashionoffice in 2010?

Art that reflects fashion, politics, sport!

The 'culture'-channel of Fashionoffice started already in 1996; in the first two years, it was one of the channels that were cost-intensive but with low remuneration because 'culture' had only a view users. Despite of this, the founders of Fashionoffice kept on believing in the power of the visualisation of thoughts, visions by creative heads and the reflection of modern lifestyle into the artworld. In 2010, Fashionoffice reported in several editorial articles about designers who become art activists, and artists who reflect the world of fashion.

On occasion of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (Feb 2010), Fashionoffice has searched for artistic reflections of the sports-fashion world and found the works of Swiss-Canadian/Native American artist Brian Jungen about the ceremony aspect in today's professional sport. Brian Jungen's traditional Native American Art-sculptures are made of products from the sports-fashion industry like Nike shoes or shirts of the US National Football League; the title of the Fashionoffice article is 'Found fashion objects transformed into art'.

The article 'Fashion and political activism' is about an online activist platform, founded by British designer Vivienne Westwood and US jeans label Lee, and reports from selected user submissions. By watching the 'Active Resistance' promo-video (on this page below), you will find out that media tools are the leading thread in the 100 seconds movie; the first step of becoming an activist is to open the eyes and see how the world is in 'real'. You can join the 'Active Resistance' with own contributions until 5 January 2011.

The list could be continued and many other articles about great artworks that were released in 2010 are now not linked from this page. To find the articles, choose in the navigation of the discipline (costume, multimedia, painting, ...), use the hyperlinks of the chronological ordered names and get more information about the reflections of modern lifestyle by artists and designers.

Video: '100 Days of Active Resistance'

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