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What has inspired Fashionoffice in 2010?

Strategies by innovative designers and schools!

Designers and international universities/schools provide with their strategies important inputs for aspiring talents. In 2010, Fashionoffice reported in several editorial articles about new trends in design. Additionally, users were informed via Twitter about upcoming fashion, design, art and beauty courses on the magazine's cover.

In 2010, one of the central themes that made designers think about the creation of new objects was the idea of 'hacking' common routines - and this not only in design but also in the production of consumer goods.

Fashionoffice reported in several articles about new design strategies like in 'Stimulation for creative heads', where one of the videos (below) shows a designer 'hacking' a chair. "Hacks is a term that has moved far beyond the manipulation of computer software, extending into the public’s consciousness. Tables, iPhones and bikes are revised, modified and manipulated to achieve a new look or new functionality," was stated on the website of the 'TechnoCRAFT' exhibition, where the video was found.
Video: 'Do Hit Chair' by Marijn Van Der Poll for Droog Design, filmed at the designer's workshop in Eindhoven. The video was published on the website of the exhibition 'TechnoCRAFT - Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers and Design in the Age of Individuality', which ran at the The San Francisco based Yerba Buena Center for the Arts until 3 October 2010.

In 'Irregularities and deepness in design', Fashionoffice looked closer at the experimental working practices of product designer Hella Jongerius, who has renewed the industrial production process by thinking imperfection, individuality and sustainability. Her work is now shown at the exhibition 'Misfit'.

Thinking the production process of garments the other way around
The Italian designer and manufacturer Carlo Rivetti invites in a video to a walk through his company Stone Island and explains the design process which is organised the other way around...

"It all starts with the body" says Donna Karan in the discussion with Dr. Valerie Steele at Parsons The New School for Design; and continues her thoughts: "What fashion is right now to me, is social consciousness"...

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