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fall/winter 2010/11

Stimulation for creative heads

In August 2010, Fashionoffice has installed the Twitter widget for realtime search results on 'fashion courses' on the magazine's cover and collected additionally some news about fashion studies. For the ones who have already acquired the fashion basics, Fashionoffice has searched for 'stimulating' art events.

Stimulating art events

Hacking the City is the title of an exhibition about interventions in public (especially mobility) and communicative spaces which runs until 26 September 2010 at the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany. The presented projects are developed by web-designers, musicians, street artists, communications guerrillas, etc. such as the lecture and performance on 20 August by Richard Reynolds about his activities in 'Guerilla Gardening' which is followed up by a practical collective 'Seed Bombing Walk' with the visitors through the city of Essen. The aim of the walk is to plant greenery on forgotten places. "They follow the logic of hackers: entering into other systems, finding their way around and then introducing applications that change or expand that system's limits and utility." Video: On the website of the city event 'Hacking the City', the nice video about hacking from the 80ies is published.

The exhibition 'TechnoCRAFT - Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers and Design in the Age of Individuality' runs at the The San Francisco based Yerba Buena Center for the Arts until 3 October 2010. 'TechnoCRAFT' focuses on design under the new influence of the participation of the user, who adapts or modifies 'finished' products. "Hacks is a term that has moved far beyond the manipulation of computer software, extending into the public’s consciousness. Tables, iPhones and bikes are revised, modified and manipulated to achieve a new look or new functionality." The exhibiiton is curated by Yves Béhar who is chair of the Industrial Design Department at California College of the Arts. Yves Béhar was the chief designer of the XO laptop used in the One Laptop Per Child Project. Video: 'Do Hit Chair' by Marijn Van Der Poll for Droog Design, filmed at the designer's workshop in Eindhoven. The video is published on the website of the exhibition 'TechnoCRAFT'.

Twitter-realtime results 'fashion courses'

By searching 'fashion courses' on 8 and 12 August on Twitter, most of the useful entries came from professionals of educational organisations.

On 8 Aug, the widget delivered the announcement of Esmod Japan's Department of International Creative Fashion about (English spoken) courses for 2011, reports from running courses in fashion design, illustration etc.; or information about London College of Fashion's 'Short courses in Dubai' in October, November 2010 about luxury brands, fashion communication, online fashion marketing, shoe design...

On 12 August, most of the Twitter entries had been about 'Make up courses in London for fashion and bridal' with hyperlink to Alongside, tweets to mention are about NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan and personal messages about ongoing studies, as well as short messages from the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London) like "Glad you like it! Course information is available on our website Check out the mag blog as well...", or entries from India Edu, an education info-site with base in Delhi (India). The information is about studies in India and abroad. India Edu tweets: "Fashion designing is one of the most exciting career options in today's world," and leads to a page on about fashion courses.

Clothing design and production

In early August, Fashionoffice received several press releases about educational themes and news that are leading to educational sources; such as the press information about a partnership between the Los Angeles headquartered label American Apparel which is one of the largest manufacturers in US and the apparel industry software provider (CAD/CAM, 3D virtual prototyping, 3D design, etc.) Tukatech.

American Apparel uses the software in the product development areas and in the cutting process. This way, the label reduces time spending in the production process and the waste of fabric in the cutting process. On the Tukatech website, the company offers a course for becoming 'pattern room engineer' at the own 'TUKA Academy of Pattern Engineering'. The course includes theory of garment construction, instruction on first and production patterns, and grading and marker making.

Textile design and production

From Vienna, Fashionoffice received an invitation to the 'Textil Salon' by the Austrian textile artists/designers Veronika Persché and Kerstin Bennier. Through September 2010, several exhibitions, workshops, discussions and movie nights will happen at the 'Textil Salon'.

One of the courses is entitled 'Joys to Discover - Explore Machine Knitting'. From 3 to 5 Sept 2010, knitting-expert Veronika Persché will work with participants on the machine, shows how to manipulate it and introduces into the design software Designaknit. Details about the 'Textil Salon' are published on Kerstin Bennier's website.

Fashion illustration

New York based Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) announces the new program in illustration with courses ranging from 'Digital Boot Camp' and 'Drawing for Illustration' to 'Creating Character' and 'Narrative Art' to 'History of American Illustration' and 'Creative Writing for Illustrators' integrated into theory and practice from various related areas like business and promotional practices. Details on

Cultural studies

In late July, Fashionoffice has received information about 'Escola Sao Paulo' in Brasil. The school invites to studies and production of contemporary culture in the areas Architecture, Visual Arts, Cinema, Review, Digital Culture, Dance, Drawing and Design, Philosophy, Photography, Gastronomy, Cultural Management, History, Illustration, Literature, Fashion, Music, New Medias, Contemporary Thinking, Performance, Cultural Production, Theatre and Television. Details on

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